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About Us

Nicholas Variety is a wholesale company that provides service to our customers worldwide. We specialize in the Caribbean market. We are centrally located in the heart of Manhattan, 870 Broadway, for your easy shopping convenience. Nicholas was established in September1974, at present location since 1980. Since then we have put together a very diverse product line which has been very successful for both our customers and Nicholas. We are one of the major companies that specialize in the cultural markets such as reggae-roots wear-lets-dread products as well as hair and skin products for the conscientious consumer.
Because of our prosperity and success over the years we were able to open up another company named Nubian Heritage, which specialize in all natural products for today's "Natural" men and women. If you haven't tried any of our products yet, you are missing out on a treat. The product line has big potential.
As a company we stress Quality over Quantity. Due to our promptness and efficiency we are able to share our wonderful products with customers worldwide.
Indulge in your culture and browse though our online catalog to seek out your next hot items.
I would like to thank all of our customers for there loyalty and support over the years.




1. Nubian Heritage & Shea Moisture Collection By Nicholas

2. Body, Hair & Skin Products

3. Scented Candles & Variety Page

4. Indian Incense II

5. Tulasi Indian Incense

6. Tulasi Indian Incense II

7. Naga Champa Indian Incense

8. Air Fresheners and Incense Related Products

9. Oils & Incense Burners

10. Oils & Incense Burners II

11. Baby Doll Tees

12. Revolutionary T-Shirts

13. Majesty T-Shirts

14. Ethiopian Currency T-Shirts

15. Baby Doll Tee's II

16. Bob Tees

17. Roots Cultural T-Shirts

18. CHE '

19. Dubwise Collection By Nicholas

20. Rasta Leather Crowns and Canvas Caps

21. Cool Runnings Caps

22. Ethiopian Cotton-Silk Knitted Head Wraps

23. Fashion Knitwears

24. Sweaters - Sweater Vests - Jackets - Scarfs

25. Cotton Canvas Bags - Hemp Bags & Hats

26. Rasta Banners

27. H.I.M. Posters

28. Cultural Chart Posters

29. Selassie Posters

30. Posters

31. Bob Marley Posters

32. Cultural Posters

33. Throw Blankets, Pillows, Tote Bags & Back Packs

34. Throw Blankets Pillows & Tote Bags II

35. Embroidered Patches

36. Cultural Decals

37. Ethiopian Crosses - Cowery Shell Necklaces and Bracelets

38. Silver Jewelry by Nicholas

39. Silver Jewelry by Nicholas II

40. Cultural Pins & Key Chains

41. Tins, HockeySacs, Patches, Lighters, Keychains, & more!

42. Nicholas Auto Accessories

43. Nicholas Auto Accessories II

44. Rastafari Books

45. Dolls

46. Flags - Umbrellas - Flag Banners - Beach Towels

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