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Minimum Order: $300.00

Acha Company Thailand body jewelry wholesaler

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  Item # Description Price Unit
BBCHS Acrylic cherry barbell and other body piercing wholesale
Acrylic cherry top barbell 14g
CALL piece
BILBQC Bioplast labret body jewelry wholesale
Bioplast labret (silver top) with clear 2mm square CZ crystal
CALL piece
BRCZSQ Clear Cubic Zirconia earring studs wholesale body jewellery
Square clear Cubic Zirconia earring studs, 5mm-8mm - Board of 36 pairs
CALL board
  GNBMC Display gold nose bone wholesale body jewelry
Display box of 12 pairs of 14k gold nose bones with assorted shape prong set Cubic Zirconia
CALL box
BRNBBT Display silver nose bone wholesale body jewelry
Display board of 60 pairs of silver nose bones with assorted color birthstone crystals
CALL board
BRNHM2 Illusion belly clip wholesale body jewellery
Spring loaded illusion belly clip with Rhodium plated cherry dangle
20.43 board
  RKTG Illusion suction tongue stud body jewelry wholesale
Rack of 72 or 144 pieces of assorted illusion suction tongue stud
CALL rack
BNPRB Imitation pearl belly banana
Imitation pearl belly banana ( Piercing Body Jewelry & Navel rings). Trendy cheap wholesale body jewellery.
CALL piece
RKMG Rack of non-piercing magna studs wholesale body jewellery
Rack of 72 or 144 pieces of assorted crystal, ball and cone Magna studs
CALL rack
SR5 Stainless steel ring wholesale body jewelry
Stainless steel ring with lizard design. This wholesale steel jewelry can also be ordered as a titanium ring.
CALL piece

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