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AKT Products presents a new and unique patented product in the market! Step Up, Ladies!™ multi-use foot rest is a design-patented solution to a problem experienced by many women: how to comfortably shave legs in a shower stall with or without a ledge. Step Up, Ladies!™ can also be used for general foot and nail care and cosmetic purposes, such as polishing, clipping and filing toenails, and applying lotion.

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Custom care of the legs and feet made easy!
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Brand New Product!
Step Up, Ladies! multi-use foot rest for your product line!

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SUL001 Step Up, Ladies!
Step Up, Ladies! is a multi-use foot rest with a unique patented design. Shave in the shower with ease! Polish, file, clip toenails, apply lotion outside of the shower. Small, stackable, customizable.
12.00 each