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Alliance Hemp Products specializes in utilizing strong relationships built of ethical business practices and trust. We only work with top tier companies with a proven track record of success, reliability and consistency.

We provide bulk ingredient CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum Cannabinoid extracts – both THC-Free and crude. Our production capabilities can match any demand and thus we are able to grow with you as demand increases. The feed-stock for the extracts, as with ALL of our products, are all grown under organic conditions and are free from heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, or any other undesirables.

The retail-ready Full Spectrum Cannabinoid infused tinctures and topicals are extracted using a proprietary technique that is found nowhere else in the world. It is able to maintain the plants cannabinoid and terpene profile tremendously for a very bio-available oil that has results that are noticeably felt.

The Full Spectrum Cannabinoid infused coffee is sourced from countries like Ethopia, Tanzania, Congo and other regions renowned for their quality bean. Everything is sourced from fair practice farms that are grown under organic conditions.

Our merchant services are a global solution to a very troubling issue within the Cannabis Industry. Say goodbye to the days of having to hide what you are selling to your banks and payment processors. They know who you are and what you are selling. There is a 24/7 customer service line that you are given your own 800 number for. That way, when customers call in, the call center is able to pull up their account and get up to speed immediately.

We value ethical business practice, consistent high quality performance, and customer service that is fully transparent and expeditious.


  • We partner with the highest quality products available
  • Customer service that is available at any time to service any request
  • We work with local non-profits in the Cannabis industry
  • Extensive industry knowledge


Organically grown hemp that is extracted using food grade ethanol.

World renowned proprietary extraction technique. White label available.

Imported artisan bean which is "blind roasted".


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Price Point: Super premium with bulk discounts available

Payment Terms: Prepay

Minimum Order: 1/2 kg on bulk ingredient

Samples Available: Available upon request