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Minimum Order: $100.00

Native American Products Made In USA
Handmade by Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Pueblo Tribes

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  Item # Description Price Unit
6 mm Puple RSO 6 MM Rondelle Purple Spiney Oyster
6 mm Purple Rondelle Spiny Oyster 16 Inches Per Strand
33.00 Each Strand
Beaded Arrows Beaded Arrow Bone Tip 31 Inches Made In USA
Beaded Arrow Bone Tip 31 Inches Color May Vary Native American Handcrafted Come with COA by the Artist
7.00 Each
Bearpawsunrays 0032 Bear paw Turquoise Earrings Sterling Silver Navajo Handmade
Bear Paw Sun Ray Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings Native American Handmade.
20.00 Each
CBBowarrowAntique Bow and Arrow Antiqued Weathered Leather
Bow measures 44" Length. It is decorated Buck skin antiqued weathered. & Rabbit Fur, Feathers and Beaded . The two bone-tipped arrows measure 31" in length. Arrows Crossed in Friendship Buck Skin handle has been included for easy hanging display.
51.00 Each
1/2" Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher Earring Turquoise Sterling Silver Native American
Beautiful Native American Handcrafted Dreamcatcher Earring Sterling Silver Earring Type: Dangle Size: ½ Inch Diameter (Small) Total Length : 1 ¾ Inches Artist: Helena Yazzie Tribe: Navajo Metal: Sterling Silver Stone: Turquoise
5.49 Each
Penny MoneyClip Genuine USA Penny Money Clip
Genuine USA Penny Money Clip
8.00 Each
LargeBearEtchJB03 James Benally Pottery Spirit Bear
Dimensions: 8"H× 12"L × 2" W James Benally bold etched on red clay. Picture are Sample Only.
45.00 Each
Buffalo Money clip Money Clip Buffalo Nickels Indian Head Nickels Vintage Coins USA
Money Clip Stainless Steel Weight: 22 - 24 grams or 3/4 of an Ounce Approx. Money Not Included Length: 46.5 mm or 1.8 Inches Width: 25.5mm or 1 Inch Coins Genuine U.S. Buffalo/Indian Head Nickels from 1913 -1938 Coins Dimensions: 21mm Diameter or .83 Inches
3.99 Each
VP21 Native American Horsehair Pottery Bear w/ Cub
Native American Horsehair Pottery Bear w/ Cub Approximately 6 inches tall and 10 inches wide
45.00 Each
VP07 Native American Horsehair Pottery Playing Cat
Horsehair Pottery Playing Cat approximately 6" tall x 7 " Width
17.00 Each
VP26 Native American Horsehair Pottery Running Buffalo  
 Native American Horsehair Pottery Running Buffalo  Approximately 7 inches tall and 10 inches wide      Hand Etched Signed by the Artist  
40.00 Each
VP15 Native American Horsehair Pottery Turtle Jewelry box
Native American Horsehair Pottery Turtle Jewelry Box Approximately 3? tall x 7"Long x 4" Width
20.00 Each
  Turq Coral Feather E Native American Jewelry Earrings Feather Turquoise Red Coral
Beautiful Handcrafted Navajo Earrings Turquoise Coral Feather Earring Style: Hook Earrings Weight 3.23 Grams Dimensions: Length 2 3/8 Inches X 1/8 Inches Material: Sterling silver and Gemstone Stone: Turquoise , Red Coral Artist: Carlena Yahaze Tribe: Navajo
19.99 Each
EarringblosturqLY Navajo Earrings Blossom Turquoise Louise Yazzie
Navajo Earrings Blossom Turquoise Louise Yazzie. Dimensions: Length 1 5/8 inches Width 3/4 Inches Genuine Arizona Turquoise Hand Cut.
23.00 Each
Feather Ring AdjTurq Navajo Feather Adjustable Sterling Silver Turquoise Rings
Navajo Handmade Feather Adjustable Ring Sterling Silver and Turquoise made by - Vivian jones Measures 1/4" wide. Ring is flexible, default size 7. When bending ring, size ranges from 5 to 9 Weight:2.02 grams
11.00 Each
3SLapis Neck 28" Navajo Necklace Lapis Turquoise Necklace Sterling Silver 28
Beautiful Navajo Necklace 3 Strand Lapis Turquoise chip with Sterling Silver Cone Clasp. Navajo Artisan: Residence Tuba City Arizona Wear Length 28 Inches Metal: Sterling Silver Stone: Lapis ,Turquoise
45.00 each
4"DropSkinner Carved Stag Hundle Knive Ken Richardson Antler Horn 4" Blade Drop point
4" Blade Drop Point Style Blade Carbon Steel Handmade Leather Scabbard Hand Carved and the handle May Vary. Handmade In the USA
* 164.00 Each
TurqWhB RevSBlossom Turquoise / White Buffalo Necklace Earring Reversible Squash Blo
Reversible Turquoise and White Buffalo Squash Blossom Necklace 26 Inches Long naja is 2 ¼? wide also come with matching pair Earring the Native American Handcrafted by Eldon James
475.00 Each

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