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  Item # Description Price Unit
BLC10oz 10oz Candle
10oz Soy and Beeswax candles in alabaster glass. Comes is 10 beautiful colors and all 35 fragrances.
14.00 each
BLCDI10 10oz Drop-in refill
10oz drop-in refill for the 10oz alabaster glass candle. Refill comes in all 35 fragrances.
9.00 each
BLC3oz 3oz soy and beeswax candle
3oz soy and beeswax candle. 10 beautiful glass colors. 35 fragrances to choose from.
5.50 each
BLCDI3 Drop-In Refill 3oz
3oz Drop-In Refill comes in all 35 fragrances.
3.00 each
BLCPS PS I Love You Soy and Beeswax candle.
Our PS I Love You Soy and Beeswax candle comes in a beautiful fluted alabaster glass bowl. The glass comes in 8 colors.
20.00 each