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  Item # Description Price Unit
366079 Care-free Cleanser ALL-IN-ONE, water-less
Water-less and Rinse-less cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one. Retails for $17.99
8.99 1
366840 Conqueror Cream, Moisturizer, guard + tint
Moisturizer, guard, and primer with a tint of color. Retails for $22.99
10.99 1
366819 Mountain Mud Masque, deep cleaning masque with probiotics
Deep Cleaning Masque with charcoal and probiotics pulls out 200X its weight in yuck. Retails for $27.99
13.99 1
413537 Thermal Relief Lotion, natural warming for extremities
Amazing Lotion to keep your customers hands and feet warm.This is our best seller, and it retails for $19.99
9.99 1
366826 Winks + Kisses anti-aging Eye and Lip Cream
Keeps eyes bright and line free Moisturizes and nourishes to keep the eyes and lips looking bright, healthy and its anti-aging too. Rich in Pumpkin, Marula, and Baobab oils to help keep delicate skin around the eyes and lips looking healthy and young. Retails for $25.99
12.99 1
366833 X-Treme Cream
100 % organic USDA certified X-treme Cream is a thick enough moisturizer for your customers who face all the elements.Suggested retail of $39.99.
19.99 1

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