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All-Natural Hemp Healing Oils
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  Item # Description Price Unit
1003 100mg CBD Capsules ( WHITE LABEL, BULK, BOTTLED)
100mg CBD Powder Capsule. This is a full Spectrum, multi-cannabinoid capsule.
65.00 bottle of 30
1006 20mg CBD Grateful Gummies
20mg Grateful Gummy 6pack available in 10mg ...SPECIAL ORDER!
7.00 6 pack
10001 50mg CBD Capsule (WHITE LABEL AVAILABLE)
CBD HEMPINDICA 50mg Capsule. This powerful little pill is an easy way get a quick CBD fix anywhere. This is a full spectrum highly concentrated Cannabis Extract in a powder form. You will not find a stronger capsule ??or a better price. ORDER NOW!
35.00 30 caps
10001 99 % pure CBD Isolate by the kilo
2.2 lbs or 1 kilo of pure Crystal Isolate over 990 mg per gram.
13,000.00 1 kilogram
1099 CBD Hempindica 95% CBD Shatter
Pure Isolate with strain specific terpenes
59.00 gram
1010 CBD Infused Wheatgrass 300mg
300mg Full SPectrum CBD infused Wheatgrass 10mg CBD per shot of Wheatgrass powder. 8grams
12.50 each bottle
1030 CBD Isolate
99.9% Pure Medical Grade CBD Crystal Isolate
40.00 gram
10009 CBD Shatter
CBD Hempindica Wax Shatter 95% CBD Strain Specific Terpenes
59.00 gram
10002 Grateful Gummies 25mg CBD
Pineapple, Orange, Citrus, Strawberry, Green Apple, Cherry
9.00 6 pack
1004 Healthy Pet Hemp CBD Oil Drops
200mg CBD Tincture for Pets. Calm your animal with Healthy Pet by Hempindica. We white label so get your tincture in bulk or by the oz ready to go.
15.00 1oz bottle
1005 Raw CBD Oil
Grams of Raw CBD Oil
15.00 gram
1007 Starter Kit
Selection of Hempindica Branded Products or white labeled products. Great way to get a dozen products at once.