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Cloud9 Massage Chair
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We are the main Cloud9 Massage Chair distributor in Duluth, Georgia.
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We also carry foot massager, shoulder massager, back massager

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  Item # Description Price Unit
A80 Cloud9 Avalon
3D Massage ▪ Auto-Scanning detects the whole body ▪ 78 air bags
2,790.00 1
Y12 Cloud9 Body Shaper - Rumba
Adopting balance type vibration mode to achieve fitness effect, for 5-minute exercise is equivalent to 1 km running. Unique (patent) arc pedal design, make the exercise effect better. Set with simulation measurement of calories and exercise mileage.
199.00 1
C30 Cloud9 Foot Massager
3D Deep Tissue Massage ? Compression for calf and foot ? Multiple Intensity Levels ? Heat Therapy ? Total with 30 air bags, kneading with thigh, calf, instep effective, the 3 active rollers to creative effective foot massage - A combination of kneading and rolling wheel.
279.00 1
A382 Cloud9 K2
Cloud9 K2 is a new generation Cloud9 massage chair Equipped with 4 intelligent, silent, vertically-mobile massage hands for a full back massage.
1,950.00 1