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  Item # Description Price Unit
GM_Bedding_PLT Bedding Pallets Original Case
Bedding Pallets include comforters, sheet sets, blankets and decor pillows in a large variety of styles and sizes. Perfect for shops, store outlets, online sellers, and flea markets.
700.00 pallet
Book_display Book Display Pallets
Book Display Pallets contain a large variety of books including current popular novels, children's books, cookbooks, educational, self help, and more!
0.55 book
HBA_perfume_Burberry Burberry Body Eau de Parfum, 2oz
Burberry Body Eau de Parfum, 2 oz (60 ml) is an effortless and feminine fragrance. The scent features top notes of fresh green absinthe, illuminating peach and delicate freesia. UPC: 5045352419150
25.00 each
HBA_perfume_Burberry Burberry Brit Sheer Eau de Toilette, 3.3oz
Burberry Brit Sheer Eau de Toilette, 3.3 oz (100 ml) is a refreshing, vibrant fragrance with top notes of sweet lychee, yuzu, pineapple leaves and mandarin. UPC: 5045410703115
28.00 each
GM_Christmas_DVDs Christmas DVD
Christmas DVDs include a wide assortment of classic Christmas movies.
0.35 each
GM_Christmas_pallets Christmas Merchandise Pallets
Christmas Merchandise Pallets include a large variety of holiday items including gifts, decorations, paper products and more.
1,260.00 pallet
HH_Clorox_HE-Gel-Dis Clorox Bleach Gel for Laundry, Display Pack
Clorox Bleach Gel for Laundry, 24oz in original and fresh meadow scent for use in all machine types with no splash or mess. 1 Display Pack includes 4 /24oz original and 4 / 24oz fresh meadow bottles. UPC: 044600307923 (original) UPC: 044600307930 (fresh meadow)
20.00 shipper
HH_Clorox_green-work Clorox Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner Spray, 32oz/2Pack
Clorox Green Works All-Purpose Trigger Spray, 32oz, pack of 2, in original scent. UPC: 044600309767
254.40 pallet
HH_Clorox_GW-clean&r Clorox Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner with Refill
Clorox Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner, 1 trigger spray, 32oz and 1 refill bottle, 100oz is safe to use on multiple surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom and is 98% naturally derived leaving no harsh chemical fumes or residue. UPC: 044600302973
483.00 pallet
HH_Clorox_GW-laundry Clorox Green Works Natural Laundry Detergent, 45oz
Clorox Green Works Free & Clear Laundry Detergent, 45oz is 98% naturally derived making it safe for sensitive skin. 2x concentrated for up to 50 HE loads or 32 standard loads. UPC: 044600303611
660.00 pallet
Cos_CG_asst_400 CoverGirl Assorted Cosmetics
CoverGirl assorted cosmetic boxes include mascara, pressed powder, loose powder, foundation, concealer, blush eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, lip liner and more. All items come from various lines of CoverGirl and in an assortment of colors.
375.00 box of 300
HH_DCon_hideaway_2pk D-Con Bait Station I Hideaway, 2pk
D-Con Bait Station I Hideaway contains 2 disposable bait stations to kill mice in one feeding. UPC: 019200820820
22.50 case
HH_DCon_BaitShield_c D-Con Bait Station II Corner Fit Disposable Bait Station
D-Con Bait Station II Corner Fit Disposable Bait Station kills mice in one feeding. Guaranteed to kill mice, no loose bait, no contact with the bait. UPC: 019200827522
18.75 case
GM_playing_cards_80 Double Deck Playing Cards, Case
Classic Edition Premium Plastic 4 Color Playing Cards, Double Decks.
1.00 each
Cos_Einstein_lip_054 Einstein Lip Therapy
Einstein Lip Therapy?, Cooling Lip Relief with Vitamins A & E is an intensive deep moisturizing balm that gives a refreshing burst of cool heat to dry, chapped lips. Protects without a waxy, greasy, medicinal feel. UPC: 827912054873
145.00 Box of 500
APPL_visors-asst_500 Embroidered Sports Visors
Assorted styles of embroidered sports visors. All are new in plastic, in pre-packed assorted sports and colors. Each have retail hang tags, the quality is excellent with raised embroidered lettering and adjustable velcro sizing.
175.00 1 box of 500
Skin_Garn_UL-eye-rol Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller
Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller, 0.5oz targets eye area to roll away crow's feet. UPC: 603084246366
3.00 each
GIMME_Hair-Accessori GIMME Hair Accessories
GIMME Hair Accessories include a wide assortment of headbands, elastic ponytail holders, ribbons, barrettes, clips and more!
350.00 1000 units
HBA_perfume_Halle-as Halle Berry Assorted Perfumes
Halle Berry Assorted Perfumes include a variety of Halle by Halle Berry and Reveal by Halle Berry, 0.17oz. UPC: 3607344910896 UPC: 3607344910933
1.00 each
APPL_Leggs_hose&sock L'eggs and No Nonsense Pantyhose & Socks Closeout
L'eggs & No Nonsense Pantyhose, Socks and Leg Wear repacked in 60 count boxes. Items Include: No Nonsense & L'eggs Pantyhose, single and multi-packs of Knee Highs, Tights, Everyday, Microfiber, Luxury Collection, and more.
39.00 case
APPL_Leggs_pantyhose L'eggs Pantyhose - Original Case
Leggs Panty Hose is a variety of colors, sizes and styles.
650.00 1000 units
Cos_Lor_Asst_250 L'Oreal Assorted Cosmetics
L'Oreal cosmetics in 250 count boxes. Boxes include a large variety of colors and shades with items such as mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and gloss, blush, bronzer, nail polish, foundation, powders and much more.
1.50 each
Cos_Lor_nail-polish- L'Oreal Assorted Nail Polish
L'Oreal Assorted Nail Polish in a large variety of colors.
0.75 each
HH_Libman_lot_250 Libman Mops and Refills Lot
Libman Mops and Refills Lots include Gator, Scrubster mops, refills and more!
1.64 each
Cos_MBL-asst_400 Maybelline Assorted Cosmetics
Maybelline Cosmetic Lots include foundation, mascara, eye shadow, blush, concealer, pressed powder, loose powder, eyeliner, lipstick, gloss and much more. Brand new assortment of discontinued and closeout Maybelline cosmetic items.
500.00 1 box of 400
Cos_MBL_eyeshadow-as Maybelline Assorted Eye Shadows
Maybelline Assorted Eye Shadows include a large variety of eyeshadow lines and colors.
1.25 each
Cos_MBL_color-sens-h Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss
Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss is a wax-free gloss with vibrant color and cleaner shine in variety of colors.
1.50 each
Cos_MBL_color-sensat Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss
Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss provides sophisticated color and shine from pure pigments. A variety of colors included.
1.00 each
Cos_MBL_eyeshadow-as Maybelline Eye Shadows - Assorted
Maybelline Eye Shadow lots include multiple varieties, sizes and colors of eye shadows.
125.00 1 box of 100
TRLR_national-retail National Retailer Merchandise Loads
National Retailer Merchandise Loads include appliances, toys, general merchandise, housewares, small furniture, home decor and more.
6,000.00 truckload
PC_OCChoppers_bodywa Orange County Choppers Body Wash, 12oz
Orange County Choppers Full Throttle Body Wash, 12oz is a dynamic, long lasting and refreshing all over body wash. Discontinued Orange County Choppers line in 1 scent.
1.00 each
HH_Renuzit Renuzit Refills, Warmers and More!
Available by the case! Only $6.00 per case. Visit our webpage for scents and products!
6.00 case
HH_Resolve_steam_837 Resolve Steam Carpet Cleaner, 22oz
Resolve Steam 2x Concentrated Large Area Carpet Cleaner, 22oz is safe for Bissel, Hoover, Rug Doctor and other deep cleaning machines. UPC: 019200837927
3.00 each
Cos_Revlon_asst_250 Revlon Assorted Cosmetics
Revlon cosmetics in 250 count boxes. Boxes include a large variety of colors and shades with items such as mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and gloss, blush, bronzer, nail polish, foundation, powders and much more.
1.50 each
Cos_Revlon_nail-art- Revlon Nail Art Nail Polish
Revlon Nail Art Nail Polish includes various lines and a large variety of colors.
1.00 each
Cos_Rimmel_200 Rimmel Assorted Cosmetics
Rimmel Assorted Cosmetics include mascara, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, bronzer, blush, lipstick, lip gloss and nail polish in a wide assortment of colors and lines.
170.00 box of 200
FD_Paper_Load SALE! Toilet Paper Truckload
Family Dollar Bath tissue, original case. Pricing for a limited time. Contact us now to save! FOB NY $0.25pc delivered to north east US for a limited time! Call or Email for details and manifest.
0.25 pc
Cos_SH_asst_350 Sally Hansen Assorted Cosmetics
Sally Hansen assorted cosmetics include Natural Beauty items, lipsticks and glosses, nail polish, treatments, kits and more.
* 0.75 each
Cos_SH_nail-asst Sally Hansen Assorted Nail Polish
Sally Hansen Assorted Nail Polish comes in 100 count boxes with a large variety of lines and colors.
0.65 each
Cos_SH_nail-salon-ef Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips require no dry time, just peel and apply for up to 10 days of wear. Kits includes: 16 nail polish strips, cuticle stick, mini file & buffer. Each box contains a wide variety of styles and solid colors. Made in the U.S.A.
1.00 each
School School Supplies
New, clean, shelf pulled School Supplies - manifested pallets available in NC & PA - call 610-458-1131 for more details
CALL pallet
PC_Scope_mouthwash-t Scope Outlast Mouthwash To Go
Scope Outlast Mouthwash To Go includes 4 (0.67oz) bottles for fresh breath right where you need it most. Just bend, snap and swish. UPC: 037000826996
0.50 each
  GM_playing_cards_144 Single Deck Playing Cards, Case
Classic Edition Premium Plastic 4 Color Playing Cards, Single Decks
0.50 each
Small Personal Elect Small Personal Electronic Pallets
Drug Store Shelf Pulled Small Personal Eletronics Pallets are clean, manifested pallets that are sold at a small fraction of their original wholesale value.
CALL pallet
APPL_Walmart_clothin Walmart Clothing Pallets
Walmart Clothing Pallets include men, women and children's apparel.
1.39 each

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