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  Item # Description Price Unit
Bub-Med Medium Bath Bomb
4oz Bath Bomb - available in over 20 stock scents and open to customization. (100 bombs to a box) Get em for as low as $0.80 a ball!
CALL box of 100
Soap-Case Natural Soap Bars/Loaves
Natural Soap, available in cut bars or loaves. We believe in keeping our soaps simple and natural. Available for as low as $0.98 a bar or $12 a loaf.
SHC-Case Solid Hair Conditioner Bars
These conditioner bars are available in over 15 stock scents. Open to customization. (60 per box) Get yours for as low as $1.60 a bar!
CALL case of 60
SB-Case Solid Shampoo Bars
Solid Shampoo Bars. Available in multiple stock scents. Open for customization. Sold in boxes of 45 bars. Available for as low as $1.37 a bar.
CALL box of 45

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