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Aloha Wear :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
BS-01 Hawaiian Boy Shirts
S,M,L,XL Size. $7.00/EA
* 42.00 6 PCS
BS-02 (XL) Hawaiian Boy Shirts
7-8Years Old.(Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple, Green)2 PCS Of Each Colors/Pack.$7.00/EA
* 70.00 10 PCS/Pack
BS-02(L) Hawaiian Boy Shirts
5-6 Years Old.(Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple, Green)2 PCS Of Each Colors/Pack.$6.50/EA
* 65.00 10 PCS/PACK
BS-02(M) Hawaiian Boy Shirts
4-5 Years Old.(Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple, Green)2 PCS Of Each Colors/Pack.$6.50/EA
* 65.00 10 PCS/Pack
CD-46A Children Dress
Flower pattern children dress. Assorted colors per dozen: red, turquoise, yellow, hot pink, green, purple. 3 Sizes: small, medium, large.$7.00/EA $7 EACH. 6 piece mimimum.
* 42.00 6 PCS
Coco-Bra Coconut Bra With Plumeria Flower
Pink, White, Green, Orange,Purple Turquoiseb Assorted Colors/DZ. $4.00/ea
* 48.00 Per Dozen
CS-01 Coconut Sarong Holder
Flower, Oval, Round Shape Assorted/DZ.
* 6.00 Per Dozen
ET-01 Elastic Top
100% First Quality Rayon Elastic Top. One Size Fit All.(assorted Colors/DZ)
* 48.00 Per Dozen
HPS-13 Hand Painting Sarong
First Quality 100% Rayon Assorted Colors/6 PCS ($9.00/EA) 4 Color Assorted/6PCS.
* 54.00 6 PCS
LS-69 women Long Skirt
$10.00/EA(One Size Fit All)
* 60.00 6 PCS
LT-57 Lady's top
One Size Fit All.$7.00/EA
* 36.00 6 PCS
LWD-11B Rasta Long Dress
One Size Fit All.(M-XL) First Quality Of 100% Rayon. $15.00/ea
* 45.00 3 PCS
LWD-15 Tye-Dye Long Women Dress
100 % Rayon. One Size Fit All(Assorted Colors/6 PCS) $13.00/EA
* 78.00 6 PCS
LWD-26 Hawaiian Long Dress
Assorted Colors/DZ.(One Size Fit All) $13.00/EA
* 78.00 6 PCS
NSR-04 Aloha Sake Flower Sarong
100% Rayon Full Size Sarong.(Size: 160 X 180CM) $5.50/EA
* 66.00 Per Dozen
NSR-15 Tye-Dye Beach Sarong
Assorted colors per dozen. $5.50/EA
* 66.00 Per Dozen
NSR-15N Rainbow Tye Dye Sarong
100 % Rayon Full Size Sarong. $6.00/EA
* 72.00 Per Dozen
NSR-15P Tye-Die Peace Design Sarong
Tye-Die sarong with peace design. 100% Rayon. $5.50 per piece.
* 66.00 Per Dozen
NSR-26 Beach Sarong
160cm X 180cm. 100%rayon.(Turquoise, Yellow,hot pink, purple, Green)asst color/DZ. $5.50/EA
* 66.00 Per Dozen
NSR-30 Plain Sarong
Plain solid colored sarong (black, green, purple, orange, brown, pink, turquoise, grey). 100% Rayon. Assorted colors per dozen.$5.25/EA
* 63.00 Dozen
NSR-50 Beach Sarong
160cm X 180cm. 100%rayon.(Turquoise, brown,hot pink, purple, blue)asst color/DZ. $5.50/EA
* 66.00 Per Dozen
NSR-53 Beach Sarong
Assorted Colors/DZ. $5.50/EA
* 66.00 per dozen
NSR-54 Flower Sarong
Flower pattern sarong. Assorted colors per dozen: hot pink, turquoise, green, orange, purple.
72.00 Per Dozen
NSR-56W Flower Sarong - White
Flower sarong, white. Assorted colors per dozen. $5.50/EA
* 66.00 Per Dozen
NSR-57BL Plumeria Flower Sarong
100% Rayon Sarong. $5.50/EA
* 66.00 Per Dozen
NSR-57Color Plumeria Flower Sarong
Assorted Colors/DZ. $5.50/EA
* 66.00 Per Dozen
NSR-Assorted Beach Sarong
Assorted Motive & Colors /DZ. $5.50/EA
* 66.00 Per Dozen
PD-58B Ponch Style of Shirts
Black, Brown, Navy Blue Assorted Colors. $8.00/EA
* 48.00 6 PCS
PRH-15 Straw Hat - Bow
Straw hat with bow. Assorted colors per dozen.
33.00 Per Dozen
PRH-16 Straw Hat
Straw hat. Assorted colors per dozen.(Black, Natural Colors)
36.00 Per Dozen
PT12-48 Hula Skirts
L Size (Natural 4 PCS, Green 3,H Pink 2, Red 1, Orange 1, Yellow 1)Assorted Colors/DZ.
24.00 per dozen
PT12-48S Baby/Small Hula Skirt
Small/Baby hula skirts. Assorted colors per dozen.
* 18.00 Per Dozen
PT4-3 Ladies Hat
Ladies hat. assorted per dozen.
* 18.00 Per Dozen
RS-32A Rasta Sarong
Rasta Lion Motive . 100% Rayon With First Quality Matrial. $9.00/ea
* 54.00 6 PCS
RS-32B Rasta Sarong
100% Rayon With First Quality Matrial. $9.00/ea
* 54.00 6 PCS
RS-32C Rasta Sarong w/ frame
100% First Quality Of Rayon. $9.00/EA
* 54.00 6 PCS
SD-15 Tye-Dye Sarong Dress
Assorted Colors/6PCS $8.00/EA
* 48.00 6PCS
SD-58B Turtle Pattern Sarong Dress
Black, Brown, Navy Blue Assorted Colors/6 PCS.
* 48.00 6 PCS
SS-69 Women short skirt
Assorted Colors/6PCS.One Size Fit All.$8.00/EA
* 48.00 6 PCS
WD-11 Rasta Dress
100% Rayon Rasta Women Dress.$12.00
* 72.00 6 PCS
WD-15B Tye-Dye Dress
Assorted Colors/DZ.
* 96.00 Per Dozen
WD-16A Rasta Dress
Magazine Pattern With Rasta Dress. $12.00/EA
* 72.00 6 PCS
WD-16D Rasta Women Dress
Hibiscuc Flower With Rasta Colors. 100% Rayon First Quality Matrials.$12.00/EA
* 72.00 6 PCS
WD-16E Rasta Women Dress
Leopard Rasta Color Dress. 100% First Quality Matrial. $12.00/EA
* 72.00 6 PCS
WD-16H Rasta Dress
Rasta dress mariyuana with line. One Size Fit All.$12.00/EA
* 72.00 6 PCS
WD-16i Rasta Women Dress
Rasta Leaf With Lion Motive 100% Rayon First Quality Matrials. $12.00/EA
* 72.00 6 PCS
WD-30A Plain Women Dress
Assorted Colors/DZ.(Black, Red, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Purple, Green,Orange,Navy Blue, Yellow) $7.00/EA
* 84.00 Per Dozen
WD-46A Flower Dress
Ladies flower dress. Assorted colors per dozen: Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Hot Pink, Green, Purple. $10 EACH. 6 piece minimum.
* 48.00 6 pieces
WD-51A Beach Women Dress
Hawaiian Beach Dress. $8.00/EA ( Assorted Colors/6 PCS )
* 48.00 6 PCS
WD-51B Beach Women Dress
Pink, Turquoise, Purple, Brown,Red Assorted Colors/6 PCS. $8.00/EA.
* 48.00 6 PCS

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