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Minimum Order: $150.00

Earrings :

  • Fashion Earrings
  • Fimo/Clay Earrings
  • Shell/Coconut Earrings

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    Coconut with Mother Of Pearl shell earring
    6.00 per dozen
    D088-2 M.O.P Shell Earrings(30MM)
    Black Mother of Pearl shell with wax cord earrings. (black, brown, beige)asst/DZ.
    * 6.00 per dozen
    D11-65 M.O.P Flower Earrings
    Mother Of Pearl Black Shell Earrings.
    24.00 per dozen
    D11-86 M.O.P Shell Earrings
    Black Mother Of Pearl Earrings.
    * 18.00 per dozen
    DT12-6 Fimo & Shell Earrings
    Fimo and shell earrings. Assorted colors per dozen.
    6.00 Per Dozen
    ER-107OR Kukui Nut Earring
    kukuinut with flower painting earring.
    9.00 per dozen
    ER-107PN Kukui Nut Earring
    Pink Flower Kukuinut Earrings.
    9.00 per dozen
    ER-107PU Kukui Nut Earring
    Purple Flower Painting Kukuinut Earring.
    9.00 per dozen
    ER-107R Kukui Nut Earring
    kukuinut with flower painting earring.
    * 9.00 per dozen
    ER-750B Bubble Shell Earrings
    With Green Mongo Shell.
    * 12.00 Per Dozen
    ER-750C Bubble Shell Earrings
    With Yellow Mongo Shell.
    * 12.00 Per Dozen
    ER-750D Bubble Shell Earrings
    Multi Colors Mongo Shell With Bubble Shell Earrings.
    * 12.00 per dozen
    ER-D15 Shell Earrings
    Clip-on Shell(Chamber Natillus) Earrings
    * 48.00 Per Dozen
    P0810-44E Colored Bamboo Earrings
    100% Bamboo Earrings Assorted Colors/DZ
    8.00 Per Dozen
    P083-22 wood earrings
    assorted colors/DZ.
    6.00 per dozen
    P084-198 Shell Earrings
    5cm mop shell with hole earrings.
    * 15.00 per dozen
    P084-204 Mop Shell Earrings
    5 cm black m.o.p shell earring.
    * 15.00 per dozen
    P084-40 Bamboo Earrings
    Natural Bamboo Earrings. Bamboo Meaning:Represents happiness, wealth and long life
    * 8.00 Per Dozen
    P084-41 Peacock Feather Earring
    peacock feather earring.
    9.00 per dozen
    P087-12 Shell Earring - Wings MOP
    Angel Wing earring.
    * 18.00 per dozen
    P088-180B Fimo Flower Earrings
    22MM Fimo flower earrings Assorted colors per dozen.
    6.00 Per Dozen
    P088-180C Flower Earring
    fimo flower earring (asst color/DZ). 22mm size
    6.00 per dozen
    P091-217 Rasta Color Earrings
    XL size heart rasta color earrings.
    * 12.00 per dozen
    P092-205 Stone With Bead Earring
    asst color/DZ.
    * 4.50 per dozen
    P092-519E Flower shell earrings
    Mix color flower shell earrings (Asst/DZ).
    * 8.00 Per Dozen
    P093-392E Fimo With Crystal Earrings
    Assorted Colors/DZ.
    6.00 per dozen
    P093-93 Rasta Color Earrings
    Size :60mm
    6.00 per dozen
    P094-53 Peace Sign Earring
    peace sign earring. Assorted Colors/DZ.
    * 4.50 per dozen
    P095-117 Crystal Ball Earring
    9 pair X 12 Card/(108 Pair)Dz Pack.
    * 4.50 per dozen
    P095-235 Rainbow with Star Bangle & Earring Set
    Rainbow With Star Bangle & Earring Set.
    * 4.50 per dozen
    P096-4B Rainbow color bangle & earring set
    plastic bangle & earring set.
    * 4.50 per dozen
    P097-178 Pearl Earrings
    Pearl With Crystal Earrings.
    * 4.50 per dozen
    P098-235 Coconut Earrings
    Black, Brown, Rasta Multi-colored Assorted/DZ.
    * 6.00 per dozen
    P098-29 Coconut Earrings
    assorted colors/DZ.
    * 6.00 per dozen
    P099-24R Rasta Dream Catcher Earrings(S Size)
    (Size 2 X 4 CM)
    8.00 per dozen
    P7216 Shell Hibiscus Earrings
    Shell hibiscus earrings.(Assorted Colors/DZ)
    * 9.00 Per Dozen
    PR1-10E Mother of pearl Earrings
    30MM Black Shell MOP Earrings.
    12.00 per dozen
    PR2-36E Peace Sign M.O.P Shell Earrings
    30MM Black Mother Of Pearl Peace Sign Shell Earrings/ PR2-36E
    * 12.00 per dozen
    PR2-37 Rasta Style Dream Catcher Earrings
    Rasta style dream catcher earrings.
    * 9.00 Per Dozen
    PR2-74 Rasta Style Dream Catcher Earrings
    Rasta Style Oval Dream Catcher Earrings.
    9.00 Per Dozen
    PR3-3 Flower Shell Earrings
    Shell earrings with flowers. Assorted colors per dozen.
    6.00 Per Dozen
    PR3-40 Wood Earrings
    Wood earrings with wings design. Black and brown assorted per dozen.
    * 4.50 Per Dozen
    PR4-1 Leopard Print Dream Catcher Earrings
    Assorted leopard print colors per dozen.
    6.00 Per Dozen
    PR5-22 Fimo Flower Earrings
    Fimo flower earrings. 15mm size. Assorted colors per dozen.
    6.00 Per Dozen
    PR5-24 Fimo Flower Earrings - 15mm
    Fimo flower earrings. 15mm size. Assorted colors per dozen.
    6.00 Per Dozen
    PR5-25 Fimo Flower Earrings - 10mm
    Fimo flower earrings. 10mm size. Assorted colors per dozen.
    6.00 Per Dozen
    PR5-5 Wood Earrings
    Round Wood Dangling Earrings.
    * 4.50 Per Dozen
    PR6-17 Fashion Earrings
    Fashion earrings.
    * 4.50 Per Dozen
    PR7-20 Feather With Leaf Earrings.
    Brown Feather With Copper Color Leaf Earrings.
    * 12.00 Per Dozen
    PR7-22B Peacock Feather Earrings
    Peacock Feather Earrings.
    6.00 Per Dozen

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