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Fido Pet Tag Silencers
809 Alameda Ave
Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054
United States
Tel: 805-328-4437
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Fido Pet Tag Silencers®
America's Favorite Pet Tag Silencers

Located in Sheffield Lake, Ohio, established in 2001, we are becoming the brand dog lovers go to when looking for pet tag silencers. We offer unsurpassed quality and exceptionally well made dog tag silencers. Our products are made from the finest neoprene, leather and hardware available. Fido Tag Silencers® is owner operated and we take pride in offering the quality you should expect when you purchase something. We have perfected the tag silencer to be one of the best available with a patent pending design. Service to our buyers is very important to us as well as the quality of our products. You will get both with Fido Pet Tag Silencers.

Prepayment on all orders/ Net30 terms are available after $1500.00 in combined orders are reached.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Certified Check, Paypal

All product in marked 50% below MSRP - 30 pieces first order minimum / 2nd order 15 piece minimum

We are a manufacturer of high quality handmade pet tag silencers. We are also owner operated, husband and wife run company. Many questions are answered below as to our operations, lead times, total SKU?s and how we do business. We work hard to be transparent, delivering a top quality product every time. Please read below to understand our wholesale program. Where is our distribution facility located? - 809 Alameda Ave Sheffield Lake, Ohio How many SKUs do we carry? - 64 How long have we been in business? - 7 years How do we handle backorders? - we use a cloud based inventory system (backorders can happen) in this case delays may happen. If you placed a PO made today when would your order ship? - all in stock items ship in 5-7 days. All product is made in house and on average will ship in 2-3 weeks. Do you have a free shipping program? - YES! Our free shipping program starts at any shipment above $390.00. ?That?s a huge savings for you?. Do you have a loyalty or reward program? YES! Both - We offer Net30 terms to loyal customers. This is a option offered when your total combined orders reach $1500.00. Reward Program - every $500.00 tier reached rewards you with a additional 1% off your order. Rewards cap at 5%. Allowing up to a ? HUGE 55% profit margin? off MSRP prices. That discount you earned will continue towards on all purchases for a period of one year from when your first tier is earned. Every 12 months the program is reset to 50% off savings. Will you be assigned a Sales Representative? - we are a one man and one women operation which allows us to work one on one with you. We give personal attention to all our clients that larger companies cannot offer. We sell only one brand? "FIDO" and carry no other brands of products. Trade show specials will be sent to clients four weeks prior to any upcoming shows. Can you pay with credit cards up front? - yes all orders must be paid prior to shipping. Orders can be paid with credit cards and Paypal. (See loyalty program above for Net30 terms). Seller Application, CSV file Spreadsheet, Sell Sheet and Order Forms Available upon request. Do you have minimum order requirements - yes all first time orders are 30 piece minimums and all orders must be paid prior to shipment. (Net30 terms are earned by meeting order requirements, written above). We look forward to working with you. Communication and delivering a quality product is very important to us. You will get both with Fido Pet Tag Silencers. Any question about our products? Please call 805-328-4437 and we will be happy to assist you. Best Regards, Todd Dunkle - Owner


ALL RETURNS: All shipments must be inspected at time received. All returns must be requested within 15 days from day of purchase via email to There is a 30 day from date of purchase to return all product. All items must be in original packaging and in unused condition. You will be issued return information via email within 24 hours of request. All shipping charges will be paid by buyer on all returns. All original packaging and order number must be included with return. No returns will accepted after 30 days. Shipping charges are not refundable. A 20% restock fee applies to any damaged returned product. DEFECTIVE PRODUCT RETURNS: All defective product requests must be made within 15 days of purchase and returned within 30 days with all original packaging and order number. Shipping charges will be paid by seller on all defective products. No returns will be honored after 30 days. Return Shipping Address: Fido Pet Tag Silencers 809 Alameda Ave Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054

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