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Our products are made or designed in the USA
We strive to help make your business a little different!

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  Item # Description Price Unit
GHP-029 Greeting Card-Some people are very poor, they only have money...
message inside: I have you!
9.75 1/2 Dozen
GHP-052 Greeting Card-I do believe, I do believe it's true...
message inside: It's your Birthday again
9.75 1/2 Dozen
GHP-102 LED Flickering Art-Dream Your Dreams
LED Lit Canvas Expressions / Message: Dream until your dreams come true
8.00 each
GHP-105 LED Flickering Art-Feel Like Dancing
LED Lit Canvas Expressions Message: You make me feel like dancing
8.00 each
GHP-108 LED Flickering Art-Namaste
LED Lit Canvas Expressions Message:Namaste
8.00 each
GHP-111 LED Flickering Art-Lucky Stars
LED Lit Canvas Expressions Message:Counting my lucky stars
8.00 each
GSB-1/silver Jewelry-Guitar String Bracelet, Beads w/ Silver Strings
Silver = Electric Guitar Strings
7.75 each

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