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Quality Handmade Goat's Milk & Olive Oil soaps & Lotions
Incredible fragrances and some soaps with a natural embedded sea sponge

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SBS All Natural Salt and Sugar Body Scrubs 8oz.
Using the finest ingredients, our salt and sugar scrubs are used by many spas and hotels for their purity, fragrance and skin benefits. Available in 4 different variations.
* 7.25 each 8oz. jar, standard qty is 4 jars
GMLS Goat's Milk Face, Hands & Body Wash 8oz.
Our newest product, it is very concentrated and feels great on your skin. Available in 4 great fragrances, Lavender Lemon, Ginger Lime, Aegean Sea and Almond.
* 5.60 Each, Standrad pack is 4 bottles
GMTS Goat's Milk Mini 'Cupcake' Soap w/ an Embedded Natural Sea Sponge
Our very popular mini 'Cupcake' soaps have a natural sea sponge built into the soap. Great for gifts and traveling, it's low price point makes it an easy selling item. Available in up to 17 great fragrances.
* 3.60 Each soap, standard pack is 6 soaps
GMS Goat's Milk Soap Bar 5oz.
Goat's milk & olive oil 5oz. soap bar. An excellent everyday use soap that is creamy, mild and great for all skin types.
* 3.50 Each soap, standard pack is 6 soaps
GMSS Goat's Milk Soap with Embedded Natural Sea Sponge
One of our best selling items, a goat's milk & olive oil soap with a natural sea sponge embedded into the soap. It's like a built in wash cloth, but better! Available in 17 great fragrances and nicely packaged in a clear plastic box with a hang tag describing the benefits.
* 6.00 Each soap, standard pack is 6 soaps
GMOO Half Goat's Milk & Half Olive Oil Soap Bar 5oz.
The best of both worlds, our half & half bar combine the benefits of goat's milk with the moisturizing of olive oil. Available in 10 fragrances, these are a customer favorite.
* 3.60 Each, standard pack is 6 soaps
LSS Lotion, Soap and Soap Gift Box
One of our more popular gift boxes at a great price point. It includes our premium 8oz. goats milk lotion, goats milk soap bar and a natural sea sponge. The lotion and soap have a matching fragrance. There are 6 fragrances to choose from.
13.00 Each gift box, standard pack is 4 boxes
OOS Olive Oil Soaps
Our olive oil soaps use 100% extra virgin olive oil and other natural ingredients. Loaded with vitamins and essential nutrients, this soap is very moisturizing and has a creamy lather. Available in 8 great fragrances.
* 3.50 Each soap, standard pack is 6 soaps
GML Premium Goat's Milk Lotion 8oz.
Our premium goats milk lotions with 81% organic content are the best lotions your customers will ever try. Non-greasy but extremely moisturizing.
* 7.50 Each 8oz. bottle, standard pack is 6 bottles