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Handmade products that will attract customers to your store
Too many wonderful fragrances to list. 10 % off first order of "Complete Introductory Package".

Great profit making products. Free Shipping on all orders over $200.00.

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  Item # Description Price Unit
001 5oz Foaming Bath Bombs
These Bath Bombs are handmade using natural ingredients for silky, soft, healthy skin. Customers will love the wonderful fragrance. These are a fast selling product.
* 4.34 each
003 8oz Bubble Bath Powder
Great New Concept. Customers love the control of the amount of product they put into bath. Great for kids. The same great skin care as Bath Bombs. See a lot of return customers with this product. Great variety of fragrances.
* 4.00 each
004 8oz Hand And Body Lotion
Soft, silky Lotion comes in a variety of fragrances. Customers will love the handmade quality of this product and will return to buy more.
* 4.48 each
005 8oz Foot and Heel Lotion
Customers will love the way this product keeps feet soft. With a wide variety of fragrances, it's easy to attract the many. Great money maker
* 4.48 each
006 4oz Hand Sanitizer
Our Sanitizer comes in a wide variety of fragrances that are unique as far as sanitizers go. Everyone is looking for germ killers these days. This one keeps them coming back. Good profit with this product.
* 2.39 each
007 4.5oz Soap Bar
Customers will be attracted to the wonderful fragrance of these amazing bars. The silky lather and healthy benefits to the skin will keep them returning.
* 3.38 each
008 4.5oz Scrub Bars
Customers fall inlove with these great exfoliators because they exfoliate with damaging the skin. These hand made bars come in a variety of fragrances and are quick sellers.
* 3.38 each
009 8oz Soft Sugar Scrub
This great selling scrub has a ton of uses. Customers will be prompted to our Heshy's Freshies website to learn all of the reasons to purchase this product from you. Quick seller. Generates a lot of returning customers.
* 4.85 each
010 3.5oz Shower Steamers
These aromatic Steamers are fast selling and will attract customers to you. These are a great profit maker.
* 4.65 each
011 8oz Fragrant Body Wash
Great reseller, cleanses without damaging the skin. Customers will love the long lasting fragrance.
* 4.48 each
012 8oz Salt Soaks
This is a fast selling product. The fragrances and the fact that they work as a great relaxation tool will draw customers to your tables. Wide variety of fragrances to choose from.
* 3.66 each
  013 Complete Introductory Package
118 pc package of our products in the most popular fragrances/ this package also includes FREE 10 pc Luscious Lip Scrubs with each complete package ordered. Please email us for details.
* 475.00 each