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IXL Grease IXL Metal Conditioner and XtendX Fuel Additive

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Item # Description

LOCS Sunglasses, X-Loop, Choppers, DG, Kids Locs, Locas.
Come see the NEW STYLES LOCS Sunglasses. We also offer Dark LOCS Sunglasses

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
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  Item # Description Price Unit
9969 Aviator Sunglasses with Silver Mirror Lens
26.00 Dozen
  IO 5430E IO Print Box
I-O 5430e Single Session, Multi-protocol Print Server for AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5 & S/390 ? zSeries
595.00 Each
IXL-G710-120lb IXL G710 Grease
IXL g710 Calcium Complex Grease
629.99 each
IXL-G710-14oz IXL G710 Grease
IXL G710 Calcium Complex Grease
9.99 Tube
IXL-G710-35lb IXL G710 Grease
IXL G710 Calcium Complex Grease
189.99 each
IXL-Gallon IXL Metal Conditioner
IXL Anti Friction Metal Conditioner
110.24 each
IXL-Pint IXL Metal Conditioner
IXL Anti-Friction Metal Conditioner
19.99 each
8LOC9003/mix LOCS Sunglasses
Please visit us on our retail site to purchase one pair at a time. Please click on the link.
* 28.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9004/mix LOCS Sunglasses
LOCS Sunglasses
28.00 Dozen
8LOC9005/mix LOCS Sunglasses
Gangsta LOCS Sunglasses
28.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9029/mix Locs Sunglasses
These Locs Sunglasses come with some in two tone colors.
26.00 Per Dozen
  8LOC9035/mix Locs Sunglasses
Custom Locs Sunglasses
* 32.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9039/mix Locs Sunglasses
This style of Locs is one of the best sellers.
* 32.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9001/mix LOCS Sunglasses 8LOC9001
LOCS Sunglasses Gangsta style sunglasses
26.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9002/mix LOCS Sunglasses 8LOC9002
LOCS Sunglasses Gangsta style sunglasses
28.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9013/mix LOCS Sunglasses 8LOC9013
This Locs style was discontinued
* 28.00 dozen
8LOC9015/mix LOCS Sunglasses 8LOC9015
New Style of LOCS Sunglasses 8LOC9015
30.00 Dozen
8LOC9030/mix Locs Sunglasses 8LOC9030
This is one of our newer styles of Locs
* 32.00 Dozen
8LOC9041/mix Locs Sunglasses 8LOC9041
* 34.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9045/MJ Locs Sunglasses 8LOC9045/MJ
Locs Sunglasses with pot leafs
30.00 Per Dozen
LOCS9054/mix Locs Sunglasses 8LOC9054
Hard Core Locs Shades
27.00 Dozen
8LOC9100/mix Locs Sunglasses 8LOC9100
New Style!
* 34.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9006/mix LOCS Sunglasses 9006
We Offer the full line of LOCS Sunglasses
28.00 Per Dozen
LOCSmix Mix styles of Locs Sunglasses
This is a great way to get a variety of styles.
38.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9048/mix NEW! OG Style Locs Sunglasses
This is the new school version of the OG Locs.
* 34.00 Per Dozen
8LOC9045/mix OG Locs Sunglasses
These are the NEW! OG Locs.
* 34.00 Dozen
8LOC9046/mix OG Locs Sunglasses
This is a New OG Loc
* 34.00 Dozen
XBalm EX-Citrus XBalm Extreme Citrus
XBalm Extreme Citrus
19.95 12 pack
XBalm EX-Ice XBalm Extreme Ice
XBalm Extreme Ice
19.95 12 pack
XBalm EX-Mint XBalm Extreme Mint
XBalm Extreme Mint
19.95 12 Pack
XBalm EX-Orange XBalm Extreme Orange
XBalm Extreme Orange
19.95 12 pack
XBalm EX-Trop XBalm Extreme Tropical
XBalm Extreme Tropical lip Balm
19.95 12 Pack
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