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ITS HEATING UP! Check Out Our Hottest Ears For Spring!

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
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  Item # Description Price Unit
1 Grey Wolf Ears
Realistic Clip on Animal Ears Wolf
* 12.50 Pair
11 Wild Hombre Red Cat Ears
Luxurious multi-colored clip on cat ears
* 12.50 Pair
15 Sparkle Blonde Ears
Luxurious Sparkle Blonde clip on cat ears
* 12.50 Pair
18 Sparkle Purple Ears
Fun and Flashy Sparkle Purple clip on animal ears
* 12.50 Pair
19 Sparkle Sherbet Pink Ears
Pink Sparkle rainbow clip on animal ears
* 12.50 Pair
2 Brown Fox Ears
Realistic Brown Fox Ears that clip on. Made of luxurious brown fur and micro-suede centers.
* 12.50 Pair
21 Rainbow Teal Ears
Rainbow Long hair with teal inside clip on ears troll ears rainbow dash
* 12.50 Pair
4 Blonde Wildcat Ears
Realistic Blonde Clip on Wildcat Ears
* 12.50 Pair
45 Pink Ears
Festive Pink Clip on cat ears
* 12.50 Pair
46 Pretty Pink Ears
Multi-shade pink clip on animal ears
* 12.50 Pair
8 Black Magic Ears
These are an hombre multi-colored clip on ear
* 12.50 Pair

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