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  Item # Description Price Unit
280-CL70 LED Battery Powered Lantern With Removable Flashlights
LED Battery Powered Lantern With Removable Flashlights. Lantern has 70 LED lights total. Each flashlight has 20 LED lights on it. Flashlights are detachable, and also have area lights. Great for camping, hunting, fishing, or any emergency situation you have no power.
* 19.95 each
312105 Basic Sport & Casual Style Plastic Frame Sunglasses
Sport & Casual Style Plastic Frame Sunglasses. 25 dozen assorted. (300 pairs) Retail ready with prepriced tags. We get really nice styles so you don't have to worry about getting stuck with dogs! Ass't men's & women's styles.
1.20 each, 300 min
370127 WK-RP Work Glove, Red Rubber Dipped
Red rubber dipped work gloves give a great grip and are very comfortable. 1-Pair
0.75 each, 100 Pair min
376050 Reading Glasses, Metal Rims
Assorted powers from 1.00 to 3.5. Packed 1 dozen per style per box with assorted colors. 12 different styles per case. A really great assortment. Prepriced $9.99 MAKE GREAT MONEY!
* 0.76 each, 144 min
376055 Reading Glasses, Animal Print
Reading Glasses, Animal Print Rims with Matching Soft Case. Assorted colors and patterns with assorted strength lenses. Don't be shy to mark these up! Make heavy profits!
* 1.45 each, 144 min
380477 Aluminum Foil Broiler Pan, Ribbed Bottom Catches Fat
Disposable aluminum broiler pan. Packed 200 pieces per case Top Out Dimension: 13" x 9-1/8" Vertical Depth: 1-3/8" Capacity: 33.1 Fluid Ounces
0.39 each, 200 min
380485 Foil Lasagne Pan, Deep, AKA: 1/2-Size Deep Steam Table Pan
Aluminum foil, disposable 1/2-Size Deep Steam Table Pan. Flat bottom, deep. Packed 100 unwrapped pieces per case. Approx size: 10-1/2" x 12-3/4" x 2-1/2" Deep.
0.24 each, 100 min
390072H Acrylic Photo Holder, 4 x 6 Horizontal
Clear acrylic picture frame. Great for place holders, awards, and makes a great document holder. Please order in multiples of 12. Made in the USA!
1.30 each, 12 min
390076 Acrylic Document Holder, 8-1/2 x 11 Wholesale
Wholesale Acrylic Document Holder, Mounts flat on wall or back of door with 2 screws which go through pre-drilled holes. Ideal for signs or anything you want displayed which would print on standard copy paper. This is the vertical version of the item.
3.15 EACH, 12 MIN
390076F Plastic Sign Holder, 8-1/2 x 11 Wall Mount
8-1/2 x 11 Wall Mounting clear plastic sign holder. 2-pre-drilled screw holes for easy installation with simple wood screws or sheet metal screws. See more under "Acrylic Frames".
3.65 each, 12 minimum
390076MT Clear Acrylic Sign Holder, 8-1/2 x 11 w/Adhesive Back
Clear Acrylic Sign Holder w/Adhesive Back can be used in both horizontal and vertical position. Strong adhesive foam tape sticks to most surfaces. More like this under "Acrylic Frames."
4.30 each, 6 minimum
390076V Clear Acrylic Sign Holder, 8-1/2 x 11 w/Velcro Back
Clear Acrylic Sign Holder, 8-1/2 x 11 w/Velcro Back. Use in either vertical or horizontal position. Made in USA. See more like this i "Acrylic Frames" category.
4.65 each, 6 minimum
390084 Acrylic Photo booth Strip Frame, 2" X 6"
Wholesale Acrylic Photo Strip! For those great 2" X 6" photo booth photos! Self-standing because of the bend at the bottom of the frame. Made in USA Please order in multiples of 12.
0.74 each, 12 min
390287 White Vinyl Table Cover
54" x 108" rectangular.
0.75 each, 48 min
390410 Contractor Bags, 3 mil thick, 42 gallon, 20 bags / box
FREE DELIVERY! Contractor Bags 3mil thick, 42-gallon. 20 bags per box. Contractors bags at everyday low wholesale prices. Made in the USA! Don't need a large quantity? See our item # 390424 which is a 100-count box of the same bag.
* 9.40 each, 72 mn
390418 33-Gallon Trash Can Liners, 1.25 mil, 40-count
33-Gallon Trash Can Liners, 1.25 mil, 40-count. Great item for home or institutional use. These heavy bags fit most large trash cans and can handle heavy loads. Made in the USA!
6.00 98 min order
394000 Air Mattress Pump
Air mattress pump comes with several nozzles to make it handy to inflate pools, balloons, toys, exercise equipment and more.
* 12.95 each
394001 Air Mattress, Twin Size with Electric Pump Included
Flocked twin size air bed is 7" x 39" x 9" and comes with a patch kit and electric pump. Cheapest price on the web!
* 28.80 each
396101102-60 Garage Floor Tile-Black and White, 120-Square Feet
Make the pattern you desire. This is 120 tiles, 60 of each Solid Black and Solid White, 12" x 12" Peel & Stick Floor Tile. Price is just 99 per tile (sq. ft) FREE DELIVERY
118.80 Pack of 120-Sq. Ft
396303 Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile, 20- square feet per box
Blue-Gray Diamond Pattern. Peel and stick vinyl flooring. 5-year warranty. Can be used any clean, smooth & dry surface including wood, cement, and previously tiled floors. No extra adhesive is required. The tile is 1.2mm thick and has a high gloss finish. FREE SHIPPING
14.95 EACH, 6 MIN
396997 Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Plank Tile, Medium Oak
● Easy Maintenance ? No Wax - Commercial Grade ● Easy to Install- Just Peel ?N? Stick! ● Plank Dimensions: 6 inches x 36 inches x 2.0mm thick ● 10 Planks per box ? Covers 15 Square Feet ● Beautiful planks for your home or office ● 10 Year Limited Warranty!
13.50 Box of 15 sq ft
Self adhesive back splash vinyl wall tile. 4"X4", 27 pieces per box =3 Square Ft. 1.6mm thick. 5-year warranty. Mold, moisture, mildew resistant.
11.76 box of 3 sq.ft.
430183 30x64 1 inch Room-Darkening Vinyl Mini Blind 30x64
● Heavyweight PVC blind engineered for privacy with 5 additional slats for slat overlap resulting in a tighter closure ● Hidden brackets for inside, outside or ceiling installation ● Includes Safety Cord Device ● Resists Warping, Chiping, Denting, and Fading
10.12 EACH
430601 Chardonnay Printed Tier and Swag Window Curtain Set
Chardonnay Printed Tier and Swag Window Curtain Set 100% Polyester, Burgundy. Wine & cheese adorned with plaid border. This valence is the perfect addition for your kitchen. We even have matching kitchen rugs.
10.80 each
1/4" Vinyl Oval Roll Up Blind NEW - Child Breakaway Safety Cord
17.73 each
BK900 Brown Jersey Work Glove
Brown Jersey work glove. 1-Pair Consistent quality and a good wholesale price.
0.70 pair, 300 min.
GWTBO Self-Stick Gel Wall Tile Black Onyx, 9-1/8" x 9-1/8"
Magic Gel Tiles are very easy to install, just peel & stick! Specifically designed for the kitchen & bathroom. Resistant to heat of stove tops and the humidity of bathrooms. Stain & fade resistant. Mold, moisture & mildew resistant. Lasts a lifetime and indistinguishable from real tiles!
* 9.95 each
GWTCM Self-Stick Gel Wall Tile Coffee Mosaic, 9-1/8" x 9-1/8"
Magic Gel Tiles are very easy to install, just peel & stick! Specifically designed for the kitchen & bathroom. Resistant to heat of stove tops and the humidity of bathrooms. Stain & fade resistant. Mold, moisture & mildew resistant. Lasts a lifetime and indistinguishable from real tiles!
* 9.95 each
LUNA Blinds 23 x 64 2" Vinyl Wood Grain Venetian Blinds, 23" x 64"
2" Vinyl Wood Grain Venetian Blinds, 23" x 64"
* 17.50 each
Madera Falsa 23x64 Faux Wood, 23 x 64 x 2" Venetian Blind
Faux Wood, Venetian Blind. Available in 4 colors. Won't chip, crack or fade. Featuring a steel headrail that supports the weight of the foam vinyl slate that looks and feels like real wood. Complemented by 3" matching valence. Don't let the low price fool you. We DO sell wholesale.
18.95 each, 2 min
RG-M1 Metal Frame Reading Glasses, Assorted Strengths
Metal Frame Reading Glasses, Assorted Strengths. Each box has 12 of one style and assorted power magnifications. There are powers ranging from 1.00 to 3.5 in most boxes.
0.65 each, 300 min
V501 12 oz Claw Hammer Fiberglass Handle
12 oz. Claw Hammer Fiberglass handle with cast steel polished head and non-slip rubber grip.
* 1.99 each, 12 min
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