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A New Generation of Anti-Mosquito Products
Visually attractive packaging and displays that really grab the attention of consumers!

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  Item # Description Price Unit
87181641-12843 MosquitNo Display\Mdser Ankle Bracelet - 25 pcs
Insect repellent Citronella Ankle Bands.
44.85 each
87181641-19118 MosquitNo Display\Mdser Bracelets 12 x 5-Pack Summer
Insect repellent Citronella Bracelets Flat.
107.65 each
87181641-12416 MosquitNo Display\Mdser Connected Adult - 25 pcs
Insect repellent Citronella Bracelets for adults.
44.85 each
87181641-12782 MosquitNo Display\Mdser Connected Kids - 25 pcs
Insect repellent Citronella Bracelets for kids.
44.85 each
87181641-13116 MosquitNo Display\Mdser Flower Pot - 12 pcs - Citronella
Insect repellent Citronella Flower Pot.
71.93 each
322.92 MosquitNo Display\Mdser SpotZzz Safari 15 x 5-pack
Insect repellent Citronella Stickers.
134.55 each