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  Item # Description Price Unit
B-B1100 1100 Battery
Ooze 1100 Grade A Battery 510 Thread, Voltage 3.7V
6.00 1
SCASH Banger Tray Premium Silicone Ashtray
Ooze Banger Tray is a premium silicone ashtray featuring a banger.
12.50 1
D-GG32 Globe Display 32ct
Globe Display 32ct
154.00 1
K-MAB Magma
Kit Includes: - Magma Battery 2900 mAh E-Nail - Glass Water Bubbler - 2 Coils - Dual Quartz and Quartz Nail - E-Nail Glass Connector - Carb Cap - Magma Device Stand - Carrying Case - Product Tool - Micro USB Charger - USB Power Adapter - Extra Rubber Rings - Instruction Manual
110.00 1
SLIM Slim Pen Touchless with USB
Package Features: Ooze 280 Battery Discrete Pen Cap Lightweight USB Charger Fits All 510 Thread
6.00 1
K-SKIT Sludge Kit
Ooze Sludge Water Bubbler Vaporizer Kit features a hand blown glass water bubbler made with a percolator for cooler and smoother hits. It features our dual QUARTZ titanium splash guard coil. Ooze Splash guard coils are designed for optimal airflow and to avoid the mess of excess splatter.
29.00 1
G-OTP Tea Pot Bubbler
Ooze Tea Pot Water Bubbler is a designer water bubbler made with percolator for smoother hits.
19.00 1
D-USB30 USB Charger 30ct Tub
Ooze USB charger
42.00 1
D-WSTICK W Stick Display 12ct
Disposable Wax Pen)
51.00 1