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35200 SW Riverside Drive
Albany, Oregon 97321 United States
Toll-Free: 888-311-6886
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Minimum Order: $225.00

About Our Company
Otto Step Inc. is a family owned business which started manufacturing Otto Step Pet Step in 2005. This is a small start up business that originally sold in the retail market online and now offers product world wide with many online pet product storefronts as well as pet product magazines such as Fetchdog, KVVET, JCWhitney aftermarket car parts and Smartpak.

About Our Products
The major products sold by Otto Step Inc., are the Otto Step portable platform step. This unique design is the easiest of all pet steps/ramps around. The platform simply inserts into any trailer hitch receiver to load and unload your pet. Otto Step is 18 inches wide by 16 inches deep and has a 4 inch stinger that inserts into the trailer hitch receiver. This product weighs 5.5lbs and holds over 200lbs. Also offered is a 1 1/4" adapter for smaller trailer hitch receivers. A 22 inch extension to use with any vehicle with a tail gate and a drop down adapter for higher SUVs. The drop down attachment lowers the step another 8 inches to accomodate the higher suvs or to help with dogs that have difficulty in stepping more than 14 inches to get into the vehicle.

Return Policy
30 day return with 10% restocking fee.

Minimum Order
1 case of 5 steps per case

Prefer payment at time of order with credit card or paypal.