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  Item # Description Price Unit
Burner-Clear4 3pc Clear Oil Burner 4"
Clear Oil Burner, about 4", thick glass. Unit price $12.99/set of 3.
12.99 set of 3
Burner-Clear6 3pc Clear Oil Burner 6"
Clear Oil Burner, about 6", pretty thick., 3pc means you are getting 3 pipe total. Unit price $13.45/set of 3.
13.45 set of 3
WP-Elephant Clear Elephant Water Pipe With Glass Bowl
Elephant Water Pipe with slide-on, about 5.5" long. pretty good color. **Required special packing**
18.88 ea
Stripe-6 Colored oil Burner pipe - 6"
Colored striped oil Burner pipe, about 6", mix colors, pretty thick. Unit price $15.50/set of 3. Oil burner for home fragrance oil use only.
15.50 set of 3
Stripe-4 Colored Striped Oil Burner Pipe - 4"
Colored striped oil Burner pipe, about 4", mix colors, heavy duty. Oil burner for home fragrance oil use only. Unit price $13.99/set of 3.
13.99 set of 3
GP-Elephant Glass Elephant Pipe
Glass elephant pipe, about 4.5" long. Price: 16.88/ea.
16.88 ea
GP-Goldfish Glass Goldfish Pipe
Glass Gold Fish Pipe, 5-6" long, vivid image, high quality pyrex glass. Unit price $16.99/ea.
16.99 ea
Elephant-Rasta Glass Rainbow Elephant Pipe
Rainbow Elephant Glass Pipe, about 4" X 5" weight 141 grams, pretty good color.
18.88 ea
GP-Turtle Glass Turtle Pipe
Glass turtle pipe, about 3.5 long, made of heavy pyrex glass with nice color pattern. Unit price $15.90
15.90 ea
WP-Oilburner-7 Glass Water Pipe Oil Burner
Water Pipe and Oil Burner Two in one, around 7" tall, mix colors. Unit price 25.99/ea.
25.99 ea
Elephant-Mini Mini Glass Elephant Pipe
Glass Mini Elephant pipe, inside-out colorful glass, nice shaped and assorted colors. Unit price: $10.00
10.00 ea
color- 4 Oil Burner Pipe Plain Pyrex Thick Glass 3pc 4"
3pc 3 colors, to select thick pyrex glass oil burner, about 4 inch stem. Unit price $12.99/set of 3.
12.99 set of 3
Color- 6 Oil Burner Pipe Plain Pyrex Thick Glass 3pc 6"
3pc 3 colors, to select thick pyrex glass oil burner, about 6 inch long, available in 3 colors. Unit price $13.99/set of 3.
13.99 set of 3
3GPS Oil Burner, Plain Pyrex Thick Glass 3pc L-Shaped.
100% Brand new Unit Price: $12.99/set of 3 Color: clear Material: Pyrex Length: 4'/100mm Height: 2.3'/60mm Thickness: 2-3mm L-shape: 1/4 Bend Oil burner for home fragrance oil use only
12.99 set of 3
KS9015 Pocket Knife
8" overall length, spring assisted pocket knife, 3" blade, assorted colors, with belt clips. Unit Price: $8.00/ea.
8.00 Each
Elephant-Rainbow Rasta Glass Elephant Pipe
Glass Elephant Pipe, rasta colors, 105g, 3.5" high. Unit price $13.50/ea.
13.50 ea
Vect-2 Unbelievable Bliss Vector Capsule
Unbelievable Bliss Vector Capsule. 2 capsule per pack, Designed to support your mood and stay awake. Very popular on market.
8.99 Per Pack
VecShot1 Vector Shot 1oz Out of Stock
Vector SHOT by Red Dawn, 1 fl. Oz.(30ml), Vector SHOT is a new highly potent mood and euphoria enhancer designed to give lovers the true experience they are looking for. Unit price $7.99/fl oz.
7.99 ea
VivaZen VivaZen - All Natural Pain Killer Beverage 1 Bottle
VivaZen is a combination of 100% natural, which guarantees instant pain relief. Unit price $6.99/ea, $59.00/dz.
* 6.99 each
XTC XTC Party Pill,1 Tab Each
XTC, party pill ,1 capsule each jar, (The new stock has been packed into sealed aluminum bag). Guarantee no MDPV or other illegal chemicals in. Lots of customers keep asking if we have anything like Woody's Wet n Wild. Finally, here it is. Unit price $19.95/ea.
19.95 ea