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Request: Snap On Belts without buckles
Looking for belts that you can add your own buckles to. Usually called snap on. Will consider with buckles but the price must be right as the buckles are not needed. 1 1/4 inch to 1 5/8 inch wide, black or brown. Tool leather too.
Company Name: ADEAL4YOU
Date Posted: 02/16/07
Seller Responses (4)

You may look on our site http://www.HotBuckles.com/Wholesale as we carry very high quality snap on belts for only $2.10 a piece. You may also find great deals on belt buckles.

Have a great weekend.

Sincerely yours,

Nir Appelton
Hot Buckles Inc.
Tel 754-244-5399
Fax 954-636-7088
Toll Free 1-877-6-BUCKLE


I have about 100 of brown belts that snap that you can add a buckle. I have them with a turquoise stone buckle for 6.oo each or just the belt for 4.00 each.
If you want to see a picture I can e-mail you one.
Thank you,
Nancy Clanton
OCI Handbags & Accessories, Inc.
Woodridge, IL


Jackster Inc. manufactures belts and can supply your request. We have genuine leather belts with out buckles, 1-1/4" wide for $6.00 each up to size 44, $6.50 each for sizes 46-50, and $7.00 each for sizes 52-60 all of these are snap on belts. We also have military belts where the buckles snap on. A 44" long belt with out buckles are $10 per dozen, for 50" length price is $11.50 per dozen, 54" length price is $12.50 per dozen, and a 60" length price is $14.00 per dozen. This is for a cmmercial grade of webbing. Add $5.00 per dozen for military grade webbing but that is available in black only. For more info call 800-225-8370 or see our website http://www.jacksterinc.com
Hope to hear from you soon.

Jack Kramer, Pres.
Jackster Inc.


Please look at our web site http://www.jrpwesternproducts.com most of our belts are snap on call when you choose a style to give you special price w/ out the buckle.



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