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Roman Enterprise Inc.
5930 Shull Street Unit D
Bell Gardens, California 90201 United States
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Roman Enterprise Trading INC
We are dedicated to Sale of Container Loads of Used Clothing for the Whole Family

Todays Special, Blowout Sale Container Sales

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  Item # Description Price Unit
  014 1,000LBS of Single Shoes
1,000LBS of Mixed Single Shoes
CALL 1,000
  011 1,000LBS Levis Jeans Bale
1,000LBS of Unsorted Levis Jeans
CALL 1,000
  021 1,000LBS Levis Jeans Bale
1,000LBS of Unsorted Levis Jeans including 501's and other Levis made by Levis.
CALL 1,000
  017 45,000LBS of Single Paired Shoes
Container of Single Shoes
CALL 45,000
  013 Chachara
1,000LBS of Unsorted Chachara
CALL 1,000
  009 Container of Credential Unsorted Clothing
Containers of Unsorted Credential
CALL 45,000
  008 Credential
1,000LBS of Unsorted Credential
CALL 1,000
  007 Hippie
1,000LBS of Hippie unsorted Used Clothing
CALL 1,000
  012 Paired Sneaker Shoes
1,000LBS of Paired Shoes
CALL 1,000