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  Item # Description Price Unit
G-WP1 10" 10 perc glass water pipe
10" glass water pipe with 10 perc arms, 14mm joint.unit price $55/ea
55.00 ea
11-WP1 11" blue 3 layer honeycomb ice bong pipe
11" blue 3 layer honeycomb ice bong pipe, unit price $37/ea
37.00 ea
11-Febeg 11" feberg Egg water pipe
11" feberg Egg water pipe, unit price $59/ea
59.00 ea
4H-eye 4" blue eye handpipe
4" blue eye handpipe, unit price 14.75/ea
14.75 ea
4h-squid 4" squid glass handpipe
4" squid glass handpipe, mix color,unit price $24.95/ea
24.95 ea
6-BLKSorpion 6" black Scorpion glass pipe
6" black Scorpion glass pipe,weight 90g, unit price $24/ea
24.00 ea
6b-3 6" glass bubbler pipe
6" glass bubbler pipe,weight 180g, unit price $31/ea
31.00 ea
6b-4 6" glass pipe
6" glass pipe,144g, unit price $32/ea
32.00 ea
7b-1 7" glass pipe
7" glass pipe,weight 150g, unit price $29.95/ea
29.95 ea
8H-A1 8" dinosaou Glass pipe
8" dinosaou Glass pipe,weight 150g, unit price $24/ea
24.00 ea
9H-claw 9" dragon claw glass pipe
9" dragon claw glass pipe, weight 175g, unit price $25.95/ea
25.95 ea
GP-Alien Alien Glass Spoon pipe
Alien Glass Spoon pipe, weight 30g, 7" high, $25/ea
25.00 ea
A-C1 cigar cutter
Classic Golded Tone Cigar Cutter, $4/ea
12.00 set of 3
RS-1 Resin Exotic Pipe
Girl Exotic Pipes, approx 4-6" tall, assorted design, unit price $8.25/ea
24.75 set of 3
SJ_101 ShowJade Small Durable Tobacco pipe - Red
ShowJade 3.5" small durable tobacco pipe, red.$3/ea
9.00 set of 3