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  Item # Description Price Unit
  PS1 Arctic Grape
A burst of mint with a great grape flavor.
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  PS2 Birch Beer
Reminiscent of root beer, with a hint of wintergreen.
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  PB1 Blue Raspberry
A very fresh and bright mixture of wild blueberries and raspberry candy.
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  PS3 Boston Cream Pie
A delicious custard filled cake frosted with chocolate.
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  PS4 Double Apple
This is a smooth yet sour green apple vape with an amazing taste!
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  PS5 Kiwi Berry
The perfect amount of Kiwi and fresh strawberry with a subtle custard finish.
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  PB2 Mad Melon
A crazy, bold blend of honeydew and watermelon.
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  PB3 Nilla Mint
A perfected blend of peppermint and french vanilla.
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  PB4 No Flavor Flavour
High VG E-Liquid without added flavor.
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  PB5 Orange Dream
Sweet orange mixed with whipped cream and french vanilla.
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  PS6 Peanut Butter Parfait
An awesome peanut butter dessert to indulge in!
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  PB6 Pom Berry Mist
Intricate mixture of pomegranate, fresh berries, and citrus fruit.
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  PB7 Signature Menthol
An explosive blend of menthol and sweet tobacco.
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  PB8 Signature Tobacco
Simply Vapour's traditional sweet tobacco blended to make clouds.
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  PB9 Smarty Pants
Not too sweet, not too sour. Our premium sweet-tart flavour.
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  PS7 Smooth Bourbon & Coconut
Bourbon, toasted almonds and coconut.
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  PS8 Snow Mint
Bold but cool peppermint flavor you will be sure to love.
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  PS9 Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberries, sweet cake, and vanilla whipped cream.
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