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  Item # Description Price Unit
Pex - (096-100) Eagle,Tiger, and Bulldog patches
All exclusive animal patches for clothing including Tigers, Eagles, and Bulldogs.
* 6.99 Each
Pex-091 Animal Patches
Beautifully well made Animal patches.
* 6.99 Each
Pex-092 Eagle Landing Patch
Eagle patch in the form of mid landing.
* 6.99 Each
PML - 098 Vietnam War Patch
High Quality Vietnam War Patch
* 6.99 Each
PML - 101 Cold War Veteran Patches
High quality Cold War Veteran Patches.
* 6.99 Each
PML - 103 Naval Special Warfare Unit Seal Team Patch
Naval Special Warfare Unit Seal Team embroidery Patch.
* 6.99 Each
PML - 105 Seabees
Seabees "can do" Embroidery Patch
* 6.99 Each
PML - 106 U.S Army Retired Patch
U.S Army Retired Patch for all embroidery uses. Supreme quality patches with very precise stitch work.
* 6.99 Each
PML - 107 Air Force Retired Patches
Air Force Retired Patches with new and improved stitching.
* 6.99 Each