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  Item # Description Price Unit
fr-bacrl 19" Wooden Back Scratcher With Rollers $4.80
19" Wooden Back Scratcher With Rollers. Great novelty gift item.
* 8.40 Per Dozen
glswobl/ty13363 28" Light Up Blue and 27" Light Up 3 Color Assault Sword W/ Sound
The 22 LED ultra bright blue sword comes to life with a laser beam like blue hue. ***NEW LOWER PRICE - WAS $2.00 each. 3 Color Assault Sword has bright lights in sword and handle with sound.
1.89 Each (Minimum 24 pieces)
fb.53143 Black Cat 12" Plush _ SPECIAL PRICING!
12" Adorable Plush Black Cats with purple or orange trim.
2.18 Each (Minimum 3 Pieces)
n948 Bump N Go Construction Truck With Sound *SPECIAL $1.45
7" Construction Truck Assortment With Sound (Cement mixer & bulldozer with scoops- 2 colors). Bump'N'Go action. Call to make an REASONABLE OFFER "Project Down Size". Must close warehouse #2 of 4.
* 1.79 Each Minimum 4 Pcs.* *SPECIAL PRICE $1.45 (72 pcs
inflasort_2015093052 Deluxe Inflate Assortment_20150930-52
52 Pieces of assorted inflate styles. Large selection with minimal investment. If you were to purchase all the inflates that is included in this assortment by the dozen, your investment would be $741.04 (Note Ninja Turtles is only available in the Assortment {Amusement Industry}).
72.80 Per Assort.(52 pieces) Price may flucuate per asst
nv1714 Extendable - Foldable Selfie Stick Special $5.37
Fits most smartphones & digital cameras. Taking self portraits and videos has never been easier. Perfect for traveling, video diaries, weddings, parties, concerts, sporting events, and more. No more asking others to take your picture. Assorted colors. As low as $5.37
* 6.42 Each (Minimum 3 pcs.)
ty20500 Fairy Princess Beauty Set
Includes pink high heel shoes, purse, mirror on stand, curling iron, curling brush, cell phone, brush comb, 2 rose barrettes, & flower hair comb. As Low As $3.34,
* 3.77 Each (Minimum 12 pieces)
nv292bx Fart Bomb Bag *PROJECT DOWN SIZE SPECIAL $1.29 Dozen
Phew! Emits a terrible odor when squeezed and thrown on the ground. *See full description for SPECIAL PRICING.
* 1.50 Dozen (Minimum 6 dozen)
glbumri Flashing Bumpy Rings - 1.5" *Save 24% PROJECT DOWN SIZE
Squeeze the 1.5" rubber ring to trigger a multi-color light show.
* 5.75 Dozen
18197.j Friction Camo M-16 Assault Rifle With Sound
9" L. Makes a rat-a-tat-tat sound.
* 1.57 Each (Min. 12 pieces)
at.6225S/6225B K. 4.5" Folding Knife With Assisted Opening Assortment $4.64
4.5" Folding Knife With Assisted opening Assortment. 440 Stainless Steel Blade. PROJECT DOWN SIZE - CLOSE OUT As Low as $4.64 each.
* 6.18 Each (Minimum 2 Pcs)
18107.10451052887845 k. Tactical Folder Knife Assortment $3.66
Assorted knives.
* 4.88 Each (Minimum 8 pieces)
glsppis Light Up 8.7" Spinning Pistol With Laser Light
Light Up Spinning Pistol With Sound.
* 3.75 Each (Minimum 3 Pieces)
ty14795/ Light Up Glitter & Assorted Color Swords - 27"
Bright Color Light Up Swords. As low as $1.38 each.
* 1.68 Each (Min. 12) *Mminimum shipped 24 pcs may asst
ty13965acglpirsw Light Up Pirate - Buccaneer Sword Assortment
Assorted colors 21" Pirate Sword & 19" Flashing Buccaneer Sword. As low as $1.80 each.
* 2.01 Each (Minimum 24 pieces)
glswora Light Up Rainbow Sword - 23"
Blade lights up with pulsating pattern of multi-color lights in the handle's crystal ball.
* 1.60 Each (Minimum 12) *See Min. Swords Shipped Rule
nv1168 Light Up Whistle Necklace
6 colors in a display box. As low As $7.80 dozen (.65).
* 8.79 Dozen (Minimum 2 Dozen)
aa.600 Metal Rainbow Coil Bracelet "PROJECT DOWN SIZE" .25
Metal Rainbow Coil Bracelet. Individually packaged with hangable header. As Low As .25 each or make a offer. "PROJECT DOWN SIZE - MAKE A OFFER" *See full description.
* 0.37 Each (Minimum 12 Pieces)
nv1182 Mood Ring Band
Express your mood by your ring. Changes color as your moods (emotions) change.
* 7.42 Per Dozen (Minimum 3 Dz.)
ty22406 Ninja Large Play Set
Blister carded large play set.
* 3.60 Each (Minimum 12 pieces)
inpenpi Pink Penguins - 24" Inflate * $15.84
Very Cute.
* 17.40 Dozen
projdownsize Project Down Size - Make A REASONABLE OFFER
Closing 1 of 3 warehouses. Everything in Warehouse #2 MUST GO! Make an REASONABLE OFFER on sunglasses, knives, wedding accessories, decorations, balloons, party goods, **select toys & **select gifts.
ty14483 Pump Action Riot Protector Gun Set
18" Pump Action Protector Riot Gun (includes plastic darts).
* 24.58 Dozen
Y32981 Realistic Large Colorful Sitting Rooster $8.97
13" H. Large Resin Colorful Sitting Rooster. NEW LOWER MINIMUMS! NEW LOWER QUANITY PRICES!
* 18.45 Each
7506 CM Sunglases: Baby Goggle with Visor **$5.00
Baby Goggle with multi color visor. *SEE SPECIAL PRICING.
* 14.32 Dz. ($5 Dz. Minimum 6 Dz. ASSORTED Styles)
2530DR/CP-FM Sunglasses: Ladies Driving Glass With Copper Flash Mirror $5.00
Ladies Driving Glasses.
* 20.00 Dz. *Minimum 6 Dz ASSORTED Styles
4211BB Sunglasses: Sports Blu Bloc Sunglasses $5.00
4211 Blu Bloc Sports Sunglasses. Sports Style frames with blue bloc lense.
* 11.10 Dz. ($5 SPECIAL LIMITED to ASSORTED styles.)
kcthumbr Thumbcuff Key Ring *Warehouse Special $4.97
5" Metal Thumb Cuff Keychain. GREAT ITEM! As Low As $4.97 dozen (.42).
* 6.50 Dozen
ch003934.aa Tool Set Assortment .95
3 Assorted play sets. Blister carded.
* 1.10 Each Min. 12 Sets
tcgba Treasure Chest - Grab Bag Assortment *$12.87
125 Piece TREASURE CHEST - Grab Bag Assortment. Assorted small toys.
* 16.99 Per Assortment
nv1514l USB LIGHT UP 3 - In -1 With Data Transfer Cable
Compatible with IPhone 3 & 4, IPhone 5, & Micro USB. Assorted colors. As LOW AS $2.25 Each.
* 2.67 Each (Minimum 12 pieces)
56-608j Uzi Cap Pistol - 6"
Shoots 8 Shot Ring Caps.
* 14.79 Dozen
y26034 - y26067 Whimsical Kitchen Wall Plaques - WAREHOUSE SPECIAL $2.65
Whimsical Kitchen Wall Plaques. Resin. 3 Different plaques. Resin 8"H. We must make room in the warehouse..OUR LOSS IS YOUR GAIN!
* 3.50 Each (Min. 3 Pcs.)
OCTspecial20_225 z October SPECIAL_FREE $20.00 Merchandise With Order
$20.00 FREE Knives or sunglasses. **See full description for details.
CALL per $225 order

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