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  Item # Description Price Unit
1551 #GP10 Glass Pipe
Glass pipe with frit accents and multicolored stripes. Colors will vary. Approximate size: 4"
8.00 Each
1558 #GP32 Glass Water Pipe Bubbler
Stand Up Sherlock Color Frit Glass Water Pipe Bubbler (Assorted Colors)
10.00 Each
1584 2pc Tobacco Grinder 2.5"
Wood 2pc Tobacco Grinder.
3.00 each
1321 420 Original Cleaner - 2oz 12pc Display
The Formula 420 Original Cleaner is a quick, easy, and effective solution for your pipe cleaning needs. The patented formula uses AbrasivAction technology that will clean in 1 minute with no soaking, scrubbing, or long waits.
18.00 EACH
1650 All-in-1 Titanium Nail With Carb
Fully adjustable and easy to maintain, this nail allows you to change between male and female so it can be used with virtually everything.
10.00 EACH
1537 Large Dugout 4" Colorful Straight
Large multicolor dugout with single sided grip. Various colors available.
3.00 EACH
1939 Metal Pipe With Grinder 12ct Box
Metal Pipe Smoke Grinder Suits 3 Layer Plastic Tobacco Smoke Detectors Smoking Pipes Five Screens Blister Card Set
42.00 EACH
1681 Wood Pipe with Cap
Wood pipe with Cap. Various colors and styles available.
2.50 EACH

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