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Sunshine Joy 877-769-8800
GRATEFUL DEAD Bear Head Window Gels
This is a counter top display containing 2 dozen GRATEFUL DEAD Dancing Bear Gel Gems ready to sell. 8 of each 3 color combinations. Colorful, fun and reusable, these gels are a dynamic new way to express yourself and decorate your surroundings.
Category: Gel Gems
Price: $58.80 2 doz
GRATEFUL DEAD Blue Rose SYF Tapestry 60x90
Blue Rose GRATEFUL DEAD Steal Your Face Authentic Indian Tapestry, Wall Hanging, Curtain, Bed Spread. Featuring licensed GRATEFUL DEAD icons. 100% cotton made in India. Licensed by GRATEFUL DEAD. A Sunshine Joy original. Size is 60 x 90 Perfect gift for any DEADhead student or homemaker.
Category: Tapestries
Price: $14.50 each
100% Cotton Handkerchief style GRATEFUL DEAD Bandana.
Category: Bandanas
Price: $30.00 dozen
River Village 336-427-9758
Patch: GRATEFUL DEAD Skull, 3 inch
Steal your face skull and lightening GRATEFUL DEAD patch from the iconic 1976 DEAD album. 3"x3" embroidered patch. Some of our patches are iron on, others need to be stitched on or easily attached with fabric glue.
Category: Patches
Price: 1.75
item uploaded: 05/01/2018
Enamel Pin: GRATEFUL DEAD Skull (NEW)
A bit of flair that you can wear! A metal and enamel pin for your clothing. It has a soft rubbery backing to keep it in place. Each is about 1 inch tall and comes on its own hanging card with instructions. Suggested retail: $5.99.
Category: Keyrings
Price: 2.90
item uploaded: 05/01/2018
Color Sticker: Dancing Bear, Celestial, 4.25 inch
A dancing GRATEFUL DEAD bear created from a patchwork of celestial art with daisies, Earth, stars, sun, moon, clouds, waves and a dolphin. 4.25 inches wide by 4 inches tall sticker. Weather-resistant, extra long-lasting. Artist: Dan Morris
Category: Stickers
Price: 1.50
item uploaded: 05/01/2018
Inka Beads S.A.C. 51-1-628-1022
GRATEFUL DEAD American skull shaped resin smoking pipe
GRATEFUL DEAD American skull shaped resin smoking pipe.
Category: Figurine Smoking Pipes - "PM"
Price: $34.75 Set of 5 pcs
GRATEFUL DEAD Bolt skull shaped resin smoking pipe
GRATEFUL DEAD Bolt skull shaped resin smoking pipe.
Category: Figurine Smoking Pipes - "PM"
Price: $34.75 Set of 5 pcs

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