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We are a leader in the wholesale distributor industry.
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VITA-004 CLOSEOUT DEAL: Skin Care - Pytoceramide
Pytoceramide helps prevent wrinkles and improve dry skin. It can also provide skin tightening capabilities without the risk and cost of Botox. Pytoceramide provides protection from sunrays and produces moist skin. Overall, Pytoceramide can help produce younger healthier looking skin.
360.00 case of 72
VITA-001 CLOSEOUT DEAL: Weight Loss Supplements - Garcinia Cambogia
Weight loss and skin care supplements including Garcinia Cambogia, Yacon Root Extract, White Mulberry, Pytoceramide and Vitamin C Cream. Wholesale Buyout, LLC is a wholesale distributor offering a wide range of products at wholesale, bulk rate and closeout prices.
360.00 case of 72
VITA-003 CLOSEOUT DEAL: Weight Loss Supplements - White Mulberry
White Mulberry is beneficial for weight loss. White Mulberry is a powerful sugar blocker that helps breakdown sugar components which makes consumption much easier. White Mulberry is rich in antioxidants and is a source for fiber. White Mulberry also protects against toxins.
360.00 case of 72
VITA-002 CLOSEOUT DEAL: Weight Loss Supplements - Yacon Root Extract
Native to the Andes Mountains, Yacon Root has traditionally been used for prebiotic and probiotic support. Yacon Root is a great metabolism booster, suppressing appetite while helping you feel full fast. Yacon helps reduce unwanted belly fat and inches in the waist.
360.00 case of 72