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Minimum Order: $75.00

5% Discount on all online orders from Jun 1st,2016 to June 30Th, 2016.
Dealers are welcome to our walk in warehouse Mon-Sat 9am-5pm CST. Tax ID required.

Customers are liable for their local and state laws.

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

  Item # Description Price Unit
*LongDress* Long dresses assorted colors and design
Long summer dresses assorted colors and designs. Usually these come in 1 dozen packs (3pcs x 4 assorted colors). Weight each dress .90 Lbs.
* 6.00 EA
*ShortDress* Short summer dresses assorted colors and designs
Short summer dresses assorted colors and designs. Usually these come in 1 dozen packs 1 size (3pcs x 4 assorted colors). Weight each dress .60 Lbs.
* 4.00 EA
18-CH13 Stun Gun & Pepper Spray Combo
Rechargeable Stun Gun & Pepper Spray Combo in gift box. Assorted colors.
* 11.95 Set
18-CH34 Lipstic Pepper Spray
lipstick pepper spray is a perfect solution. Measures 3 1/2"h., weighs 2 oz. Pepper Spray cant be shipped to NY and MA.
* 4.50 EA
18-CH41 2-in-1 Jogger Stun Gun
It is perfect for joggers and walkers to keep in hand. User has an option to hammer strike with the pointed spikes or fist punch with powerful stun for self defense. It comes with a synthetic leather holster with belt clip to carry. Dimensions: 5.5" x 2.5" x 1.25", AC/DC wall charger included.
* 12.95 EA
* 9.95 EA
18-CH54 Smart Phone Stun Gun
It measures 4.5? long X 2.25? wide X 5/8? thick. Built in super bright LED flash light. Master switch and extra safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. It comes with a holster to keep it.
* 11.95 EA
18-LCH103 Double locked handcuffs
Double locked handcuffs available in Silver and Black. Law Enforcement Quality. Made in Taiwan.
* 7.50 EA
58-MOD14 Moderno 14 Rugs-Asst. colors
Persian Weavers Rugs, quality rugs, picture shows the Black color rug, available in many colors. See options. We have other styles as well, please take a look at out rugs category.
* 26.00 each
G-1524 SIGN-Gun Owner
* 4.00 each
3.50 EA
G-65137 Socket set 52pc
52pc socket set
* 8.25 each set
G-65264 Socket Set 40pc
40 piece socket set.
* 4.25 each
G-65274 Monkey Fist Key chain
Monkey fist key chain, available in assorted colors.
* 2.75 each
G-FLAGCONF Confederate flag
3'x5' confederate flag.----*not actual size-flag folded to fit in picture*
* 3.75 each
SD-10934P 1/2 oz Can pepper Spray Pink
1/2 oz Can pepper Spray Pink. OC 19% blister pack. Retail price on stores 7.99 each.
* 2.95 EA
SD-328 Lipstic Stungun recharable
300K Volts Lipstic Stungun recharable with charger. It is packed in beautiful box and come with nylon sheath. Available in Blk, Blue, Pink and Red Colors. Weight .60 Lbs.
* 8.95 EA
SD-628P 500KV Pink STUN GUN W/FLASH LIGHT Rechargeable
500KV STUN Pink GUN W/FLASH LIGHT SOURCE VOLTAGE 4.8V OUTPUT 500,000V rechargeable stun gun with nylon pouch. weight 0.50 LBS
* 7.95 EA
SD-800Blk 800 Type Rechargeable Stun Gun
2800K Volt 800 Type Rechargeable Stun Gun with built in charger with nylon sheath. Weight 0.60 Lbs.
* 7.95 EA
TOY-60366 Heavy Truck toy
Toy for kids. Truck with a ATV on the back. Has lights and sounds.
* 2.50 each
TOY-60397 Perfect and Speed
R/C monster truck. Needs 6 AA batteries to operate. batteries not included.
* 9.00 each
TOY-60398 Super Racing SHOOT
Race cars with racing ramp included and other accessories. Comes with 3 cars, 1 start ramp, 1 finish ramp, 1 loop, 7 road signs, and 1 shooter.
* 3.99 each
TOY-60404 Racing 2
Race car with lights, music and funny sounds. Battery operated. Batteries not included.
* 4.25 each
TOY-60415 Girl Beautiful purse accessory set
This is a Girl Beautiful purse accessory set. Perfect for girls 3 ages and older.
* 3.75 each
TOY-60428 Soldier Force Army toy car
Army toy car with soldiers. For ages 3+.
* 1.25 each
TOY-60443 Super Motocross Motorcycle racer
World Class motorcycle racer. With music and headlight and tires light up!!
* 5.75 each
TY-60364 Super Racing F1 toy car
This is a F1 racing toy car. It has lights and make racing sounds. Battery operated. Ages 5+
* 3.60 each
TY-60402 Super Speed flashing toy car
This is a flashing toy car. Its speedy, and has lights all over it. Even the tires gleam of blue light. Perfect for ages 3+.
* 3.50 each

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