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999011. Full High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine-1SYS101
1SYS101 Full High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine is an excellent strapper for a broad range of applications. At 65 straps per minute, the SM65 is lightning fast. The state of the art strapping head has 30% fewer parts than comparable strapping machines, and utilizes brushless DC motors. The result is a high speed strapping machine that consumes less power, requires fewer adjustments, and minimal maintenance.


  • Patented Easy Strap Access - Access to the strapping channel requires no tools
  • Quick Coil Change - Strap is changed at waist height and automatically fed, no more crawling on the floor
  • One Piece Strap Track - Track design eliminates dusting and guarantees parallel straps
  • Sensor Controlled Heater - Heat seals are consistent and highly reliable
  • Jam Free Technology - Missed straps are ejected and the SM65 returns to the ready position
  • Foot Bar Switch - Provides "hands free" operation
  • Photocell Activation - Several options can be programmed when this feature is activated
  • Pivoting Control Panel - Allows the operator to access the control panel from either side of the machine
  • Machines 33.46 and wider have standard roller tables
  • Machines set for 0.47" strap have external strap reel

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$ 3,659.00

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