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"Complete Your Feet" with high quality, adjustable Sterling SIlver & 12-Karat Gold Toe Ring Jewelry. All of our USA-Made jewelry is fashioned as much for comfort as style! (Click on the photo for a closer look or click "JEWELRY IDEAS!" in the DIRECTORY for our full line!)
* 144.00 28 ToeRing Silver/Gold Mix (QUANTITY BREAKS!)
ACTFIL Actual Film Votive Candle
A frame from classic Hollywood is embedded on the side of a frosted candle votive illuminating the image. A collectible one-of-a-kind item from a bygone era. New films are digital so you'll NEVER see this again! ONLY each motion picture's "stars" are featured. CLICK ON JIMMY STEWART FOR DETAILS.
* 180.00 24 per case ($7.50 each) QUANTITY PRICING OFFERED.
ACTalbd Arctic Chill Towel (with free Lean Back Display)
Sweltering? Beat the heat! Arctic Chill Towels require NO refrigeration. Just add water and FEEL 20 DEGREES COOLER IMMEDIATELY! Is space at a premium in your store? "Chill out" and take a look at our 48-Unit Lean Back Display. Then, you may re-order Arctic Chill Towels in 24-unit increments.
331.20 48-unit Lean Back Display Package ($6.90 each)
02/CC-W Chocka Ca-Ca! (Wholesale Pricing)
Everybody buys gifts for the Baby. Now, a "loaded" one designed for the Mom & Dad! Whatever they were "expecting," it wasn't a Chocka Ca-Ca! Assorted yellow, pink & blue for Baby Shower or Newborn Girl or Boy. "This is is as sweet as it'll EVER get!" (Need just one? Single units available.)
72.00 2 displays (24 pieces @ $3.00 each)
CWBspl Collapsible Water Bottle/Splash (WHOLESALE)
Double, triple or confidently quadruple (!) the cost of our COLLAPSIBLE WATER BOTTLE. These bottles are reusable, eco-friendly, perfect for camping, traveling, hiking or school. Clip strips for easy merchandising. SHIPS WITH 3 "CAMOUFLAGE" DESIGNS. Order from either (WHOLESALE) page.
120.00 $2.50 each! (48 pieces)
0016/xPOP12 Edge-Lit Point of Purchase Sign (12" x 18")
Blank or etched with YOUR company's logo, these RED, GREEN or BLUE "Write On...Wipe Off" Acrylic Point-of-Purchase Store Signs are cost effective & durable. PERFECT FOR HOME THEATERS TOO! 10,000-hour LED lights are less fragile and far less expensive than neon!
149.99 each (compare to neon!)
FFF4002 FauxFlowFountain (Bucket)
The water keeps coming but the bucket NEVER FILLS! You'll love watching people's jaws drop while staring at your FAUX FLOW FLOATING FAUCET FOUNTAIN. An optical illusion? You decide. The water flows 24 hours a day--and you can check it out right now, too!
750.00 dozen ($62.50 each)
FFF3002 FauxFlowFountain (Watering Can)
Our name says it all: FAUX FLOW FLOATING FAUCET FOUNTAIN. A galvanized Watering Can gives an illusion of water continuously flowing out of an UNATTACHED faucet! Suitable indoors or out. Watch people stare in wonder at this true "attention grabber." How's it done? Click the photo and find out!
870.00 dozen ($72.50 each)
FOR THE MOBILE DJ INDUSTRY: Glo-Balls, SkyDancers, Lighting Effects, Games, CD's, Themed Sports Balls, Custom Candy, Book & more!
CALL Individually priced. Click for link.
NA Neck Art
NECK ART jewelry is more than a necklace...Bend it, wrap it, shape it, imagine it, wear it! You can form it into a bracelet OR EVEN A BELT! This is quality jewelry. Seven metallic colors and combinations. Cost: $6.73. Suggested Retail: $19.95. CLICK THE PHOTO for product details.
* 299.00 Package
NBBASE Newborn Sports Balls-Baseball
Themed for "It's A Boy" & "It's A Girl," Newborn Baseballs are ideal for any new parent sports enthusiast. CLICK ON THE IMAGE for another view. (Also available: Football, Basketball & Soccer.)
72.00 dozen ($6 each)
0030/PPg Pasta Gift Bags
Unique Shaped & Themed Pasta. Novelty and nourishment! "THANKS A MILLION" & "HOME SWEET HOME" are 2 of 13 Dinner Combos. Check out Sports, Special Occasions, All Year 'Round, Seasonal & Regional Themes. Line includes Soups, Salads, Meals and Cookies, too! Recipes included.
43.20 1.80 each. YOU PICK 'EM! (24 per case)
PHG1 Phat Head Gang (Package 1)
Is it a fad craze? Is it a collectable? Will it ring your register? You bet. Absolutely. You KNOW IT! What is it? "It's a string thing!" Phat Head Gang string dolls are 100% handmade, each with its own personality trait and motto. What's not to love?
249.00 72 Unit Point-of-Purchase Display Package
13/TYH1 Profiles In Wood Vase
There's NOTHING on the market comparable to the "Profiles In Wood" Vase. It isn't a photograph or memory. It's a carved solid artifact of a space we forget to look at! With no two ever alike, CLICK ON THE PHOTO for details regarding this most unique conversation piece.
149.95 each

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