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Red, White & Blue : Things That Flap In The Wind! :

  • Antenna Flags
  • Car Window Flags
  • Flags On A Stick
  • Giant 3' x 5' Flags

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    Our country is SO ready to party! So stock what customers will be asking for...a complete assortment of RED, WHITE & BLUE essentials. "Priced to move," yet VERY generous profit for you. And ready for this? NAME YOUR PRICE! I'm ready to deal. Call me NOW.
    426.00 352 pieces
    05/USA14 American Flag (3' x 5')
    Giant 3' x 5' American Flag. What can we say? Paul Bunyon just dropped off another shipment. This flag gives all the others an inferiority complex. CLICK ON THE PHOTO.
    * 4.38 each. QUANTITY BREAKS!
    05/USA17 American Flag (Car Window)
    These 12" x 16" Old Glory CAR WINDOW FLAGS will be flapping in the breeze on your customers' vehicles! CLICK ON THE PHOTO.
    * 3.77 each. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS? Of course!!
    05/USA13 American Flag On A Stick (large)
    Polyester 12" x 18" American Flag on a plastic stick. Now THIS is what I call a FLAG! If you wave it at a ballgame, the usher may throw you out for obstructing the view of the guy behind you! CLICK ON THE PHOTO.
    * 1.22 each. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS? Yes!
    05/USA12 American Flag On A Stick (medium)
    Polyester 8" x 12" American Flag on a plastic stick. Goldilocks was overheard saying: "It's not too big, it's not too small. It's juuussstt right! Well, maybe it's a little too small. A woman's entitled to change her mind, you know." CLICK ON THE PHOTO.
    * 0.99 each. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS? Certainly!
    05/USA11 American Flag On A Stick (small)
    Polyester 4" x 6" American Flag on a plastic stick. Would make an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini jealous! It's, shall we say, petite. CLICK ON THE PHOTO.
    * 0.77 each. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS? Absolutely!
    05/USA10 Car Antenna Flags
    CLICK IN OUR DIRECTORY TO FIND "THINGS THAT FLAP IN THE WIND!": CAR WINDOW FLAGS, FLAGS ON-A-STICK and 3'x5' FLAGS. Our 8"x6" Antenna Flags are U.S.A. MADE, hemmed with a security tie and fit snugly on any automobile or truck antenna. FOR THESE, CLICK ON THE IMAGE.
    * 2.33 each. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS? Definitely!

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