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Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties :

Jewelry Ideas! :

  • Body Gems
  • Thumb Thongs
  • Toe Rings

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    2-03 Body Gems
    Decorate any part of the body without piercing with Fashion Point Stick-On Earring & Body Gems Jewelry.
    *0.80 each. (BIG Quantity Breaks!)
    2-04 Body Gems Display
    Our 6-Peg, Black Plexiglas Jewelry Display with a Full Color Header Card includes 4 FREE Body Gems!
    8.00 each
    22-02 The Thumb Thong (12-Karat Gold)
    The Thumb Thong is a perfect complement to, and a larger version of, our USA-Made 12-Karat Gold ToeThong ToeRing! FOR DETAILS, CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO THE LEFT.
    144.00 24 ($6.00 each)
    22-01 The Thumb Thong (Sterling Silver)
    The Thumb Thong is a perfect complement to, and a larger version of, our USA-Made Sterling Silver ToeThong ToeRing! FOR DETAILS, CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO THE LEFT.
    108.00 24 ($4.50 each)
    04/1-025 Toe Rings (Invisible)
    Why are these called "Invisible Toe Rings?" CLICK ON THE IMAGE and we'll explain.
    *1.75 each. BIG QUANTITY?-BIG BREAKS!
    04/1-028 Toe Rings (Mood)
    "Mood Rings" have been a part of the jewelry landscape for years. But our FULLY ADJUSTABLE "Mood Toe Rings" have just been introduced! Available in a pre-pack of 60 (10 each of 6 designs), each includes its own descriptive "Explanation Card!" Click on the thumbnail for a look at an open display.
    53.40 60 Toe Rings ($.89 each)
    04/1-026 Toe Rings (Rhinestone S-t-r-e-t-c-h)
    Evergreen Marketing's Rhinestone Stretch ToeRings are presented in a full circle design. Assorted, sparkling colors are offered this is "One-Size-Fits-All" jewelry! Click on the Photo for another look and details.
    SHOW YOUR TOERING'S OFF THE RIGHT WAY! Package includes 1 Plexiglas/Acrylic Display, 1 Full Color Easel Display,
    20.00 Display only. ToeRings available separately
    "Complete Your Feet" with high quality, adjustable Sterling SIlver & 12-Karat Gold Toe Ring Jewelry. All of our USA-Made jewelry is fashioned as much for comfort as style! (Click on the photo for a closer look or click "JEWELRY IDEAS!" in the DIRECTORY for our full line!)
    *144.00 28 ToeRing Silver/Gold Mix (QUANTITY BREAKS!)
    For the beach, at a show, with sandaled feet or on your satin sheet, our alluring Sterling Silver or 12-Karat Gold Toe Rings not only become you, they become a PART of you. Ease into a Toe Ring for a perfect & "toetally" intimate fit. Click on the Thumbnail Photo for details!
    *288.00 Silver/Gold 56 Ring Assortment (QUANTITY BREAKS!)

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