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6 Matches for ' Western '  from KA Swords

KA Swords 1-866-203-0612
WESTERN Riverboat Gambler Switchblade Knife
"Pleasing to the eye with its golden accents the Riverboat Gambler is a must.  Plus the automatic action isnt too shabby if I say so myself.  Push the lever down and be amazed as the beautiful black blade deploys.  Made from stainless steel with a black anodize finish to protect the b
Category: Knives
Price: 11.99
item updated: 07/29/2022
Outdoor SouthWESTERN Legacy Bowie Knife
"The Bowie knife has been present in popular culture throughout the ages, ranging from the days of the WESTERN dime novels and pulps, to Literary Fiction such as the 1897 classic vampire novel Dracula by Irish author Bram Stoker. Despite the popular image of Count Dracula having a stake driven throu
Category: Knives
Price: 19.99
item updated: 07/29/2022
Crusader Knight Replica Longsword
"With three cross pattees on the antique finished guard and a large one on the pommel, this sword is well representative of the medieval WESTERN Christian military orders who led the Crusades into the Holy Land. Features a 23 inch stainless steel blade. Constructed of wood with a leather wrap, the s
Category: Medieval Goods
Price: 29.99
item updated: 07/29/2022
Backcountry Round UP Leather Outdoor Hat
"There is perhaps no other item of cowboy attire that is more telling than a mans hat. There are so many styles, materials, decorations, sizes, and so on to choose from but after a hat is broken in is when the real story telling begins. WESTERN folks can look at a cowboy hat and know instantly wheth
Category: Gifts & Novelties
Price: 24.99
item updated: 07/29/2022
Old Saloon Jack Brass Spittoon
"This spittoon is made from genuine brass and polished to shine.  It is 9.50 inches tall with a diameter of 8.50 inches making it a great addition to any WESTERN decor. Overall Length: 9.50 Inches."
Category: Gifts & Novelties
Price: 49.99
item updated: 07/29/2022
Knights of St. John Crusader Sword
"The Knights of St. John are one of the oldest institutions of WESTERN and Christian civilization. The order began around the first crusade to take care of pilgrims in the Holy Land. They are a lay religious Order of chivalry, with military roots and a commitment to helping the sick and the poor. Th
Category: Swords
Price: 29.99
item updated: 07/29/2022

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