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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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01/01/2013 - MOBILE Sales Drive Profits
MOBILE PAYMENT APPS are fast becoming a popular mode for web wholesalers and online retailers to generate more sales at offline venues, such as tradeshows and conventions. Various MOBILE PAYMENT platforms enable merchants to accept PayPal, cash, credit cards, invoice or checks, wherever they are, on the phone they already carry.

10/01/2012 - The Best APPS for Your Business
The slew of promises that comes with many MOBILE APPS APProaches productivity from every angle. As business owners find themselves becoming more and more MOBILE, the curiosity surrounding these collectible tools makes a visit to an iTunes or Android store feel like the grown up version of a trip to the candy shop. Hundreds of thousands of APPS are available for iPhone, iPad and Android, with more being added by the minute.

04/01/2012 - Online PAYMENT Trends
Online PAYMENT Processing is an ever-changing industry.

01/01/2012 - MOBILE Marketing Trends
On a planet with about seven billion people, 2011 saw an astonishing 5.3 billion MOBILE subscriptions, about 77 percent of the total population.

10/01/2011 - Google Universe: Tools To Build Your Business
For any retailer seeking low cost tools to boost the bottom line, the first place to look is Google.

10/01/2011 - Erply's New POS System Offers Six Compelling Strengths
Erply, an Estonian company, has created an innovative ecommerce solution for big box retailers as well as medium and small retailers.

07/01/2011 - New PAYMENT Frontiers: Smart Phones
With smartphone use growing in America, the technology exists for anyone to process a credit card when it comes time to check out a customer.

01/01/2011 - Moving To MOBILE Ecommerce
Converging trend lines show that the importance of MOBILE computing and smartphone shopping is beginning to be seen on the retail front.

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