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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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10/01/2008 - Marketing on a Shoestring
When it comes to achieving a level of visibility and name recognition that's on par with their chain store rivals, most independent retailers face pretty stiff odds.

09/01/2008 - Wacky Shirts For Big Margins
For a limited time, Big Fish Sportswear is offering a selection of closeout T-shirts and ladies' tops for a wholesale cost of just 99 cents a unit.

09/01/2008 - Luxury Retail Update
In defiance of the lyrics of an old song that says, "The rich get rich and the poor get poorer," luxury retailers and their landlords report that the rich are stepping back from shopping at luxury stores right now.

09/01/2008 - Inflation Dilutes Rebate Impact
While acknowledging that the government's rebate checks intended to stimulate the economy have helped significantly.

08/01/2008 - Social Networking Primer
If Digg, MySpace, and FaceBook are foreign concepts to you, it might be time to find out what the social networking phenomenon is all about. Social networking can be a way to maximize your online presence.

08/01/2008 - Infotech America Offers Web Promo Services
In the past five years, consumers have changed the way they find products and services via the Internet.

08/01/2008 - Great Selection at Blanket Depot
George Merling, President of Blanket Depot, could be called a "Blanket Barron." Though it is only a five-year-old company, Blanket Depot has close to 2,500 blanket designs on their website.

08/01/2008 - DollarDays Merges with Insignia
DollarDays International, an online wholesaler and closeout company, has merged into Insignia Solutions PLC, a United Kingdom legal entity listed on the National Daily Quotations Journal under the symbol INSGY.PK

07/01/2008 - Office Depot Teams with Google
Office Depot Inc. has launched an online BUSINESS resource center with Google, to give SMALL retailers access to Google's marketing and BUSINESS tools.

07/01/2008 - Nostalgia Reigns At Desperate Enterprises
In his book, "Walden," Henry David Thoreau asked, "Why should we be in such a desperate haste to succeed in such desperate enterprises?

06/01/2008 - Innovative Signs, owned and operated by Andy Greenbaum, is an Internet BUSINESS that sells signs. It carries close to 3,000 products, and is a comprehensive source of information about the wide variety he carries.

06/01/2008 - Course For SMALL BUSINESS
The Savvy Marketers, a training program designed for SMALL BUSINESSes, has been launched by Hart Communications, an independent public relations firm based in San Francisco.

05/01/2008 - SBA Offers Help
The U.S. SMALL BUSINESS Administration has launched Emerging 200 Initiative, a program designed to get entrepreneurs to the next level of success.

05/01/2008 - MarketLive Launches FastTrack 2008
MarketLive, Inc., the leading global eCommerce software and service provider for retailers.

05/01/2008 - Dell Tests Biz Service
The computer company, Dell Inc., is currently testing a new system that could help relieve SMALL BUSINESSes from needing to employ IT experts. The test is now taking place in Dallas.

05/01/2008 - Cool Feet Are Hot Items
The 13th century Persian poet, Rumi, wrote, "Let what you love be what you do," and Cindy Schultz, owner of is a perfect example of that.

04/01/2008 - Setting Up a 401K
Setting up a 401(k) savings plan for a SMALL BUSINESS is relatively easy.

04/01/2008 - Selling By Instinct At OBI
Tim Choklett, President of Opportunity Buys, Inc. (OBI), instinctively understands what people want. In grade school, he removed the centers of books to sell pieces of bubblegum he had purchased in bags.

04/01/2008 - Rhino Mart Charges Ahead
Like the principles in Rhinoceros Success, the book that inspired him, Drawlon Tsang, owner of Rhino Mart, is a focused, take charge person who has always accomplished his goals.

04/01/2008 - Rebates Reward Retailers
BUSINESSes will be directly helped by the new economic stimulus legislation passed by Congress. But SMALL BUSINESSes in general, and retailers in particular, may get the biggest lift from consumers spending their tax rebates.

04/01/2008 - Owners Express Confidence
U.S. SMALL BUSINESS confidence improved this February for the first time since July, according to Discover's SMALL BUSINESS Watch index.

04/01/2008 - Online Visibility For SMALL & Medium BUSINESSes
SMALL and medium-sized BUSINESSes have two pressing needs they would pay to satisfy, according to a new survey: visibility in online searches; and actionable contact information on consumers who phone them.

04/01/2008 - Look At Me Shirts
LOOK AT ME SHIRTS began as a line of T-shirts imprinted with sayings developed by two stand up comedians, one of whom is also an artist.

04/01/2008 - Grooming a Successor
There's a fatal flaw in the retirement plans of many SMALL BUSINESS owners. After pouring a lifetime of sweat, time and capital into building the BUSINESS.

04/01/2008 - Exist or Not Exist: Securing the Buyer's Attention
In last month's column, I wrote about building sales momentum through relevance and consistency.

03/01/2008 - SMALL Biz Trends
While the Federal Reserve is focused on the problems of the large banks, SMALL BUSINESS owners are showing some worry about inflation.

03/01/2008 - Regulations Anyone?
As the SMALL BUSINESS committee of the House of Representatives addresses regulatory reform, The National Federation of Independent BUSINESS weighs in.

02/01/2008 - Retail Tax Debate
The debate on Internet taxation is underway, and not surprisingly, brick and mortar retailers online, and other direct merchants have opposing views.

02/01/2008 - Bolster Global eCommerce
Global eCommerce has incredible possibilities when it comes to sales. Buyers are able to find the best prices, and sellers can connect with the greatest number of customers.

01/01/2008 - Time for Updated Fixtures?
As a storeowner, how do you know when it is time to invest in updated fixtures?

01/01/2008 - Entrepreneur Earns Success
Scott Lumley is the epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit.

01/01/2008 - The Ultimate Source
For over ten years, has been the leading online marketplace for buying and selling closeout merchandise, and it just keeps getting better.

12/01/2007 - One Stop Shopping At Ohio Wholesale
The concept for Ohio Wholesale, Inc. began more than thirty years ago, when Nick and Terry Harbarger traveled to Mexico to purchase giftware items, which they sold in the US.

12/01/2007 - Home Depot Targets Women
Home Depot's newest retail laboratory has opened in Charlotte, SC.

12/01/2007 - ECommerce Helps SMALL Biz
A growing percentage of revenue generated by SMALL retailers is being derived from eCommerce transactions.

11/01/2007 - Why Pros Need Vertical Search
"Vertical search." You have probably heard the term thrown around, and you might have even used it.

11/01/2007 - SMALL Biz Seeks Health Care
Rising healthcare costs are among SMALL BUSINESS owners' top concerns, according to two recent studies

11/01/2007 - NFIB Battles Death Tax
SMALL BUSINESS has geared up to battle two tax issues that impact them.

11/01/2007 - Immigration Rule Challenge
The SMALL BUSINESS Administration (SBA) has weighed in on the side of groups that are challenging a regulation regarding what an employer should do when notified that an employee's Social Security number doesn't match government records.

11/01/2007 - Five Steps To Successful Pay Per Click
There are three ways to grow a BUSINESS.

10/01/2007 - OfficeMax Aids SMALL Biz
VistaPrint Ltd., an online supplier of graphic design services and customized printed products for SMALL BUSINESSes, is going into retail stores through an alliance with OfficeMax Inc.

09/01/2007 - Web Profits: Proven How-To Strategies to Skyrocket Web Sales
Last month I presented the importance of knowing your website performance numbers. Knowing these numbers enables you to decide where to focus your efforts, including time and money to increase your website sales.

09/01/2007 - Shoe Stores Consolidate
The Finish Line Inc.'s agreement to buy Genesco Inc. for $1.5 billion brings 2,850 shoe stores under single ownership

09/01/2007 - Protecting SS Numbers
Be as careful with employees' confidential information as you are with your own.

09/01/2007 - Orbitz Biz Site
Orbitz Worldwide, the online travel service, has expanded its Orbitz for BUSINESS managed booking tool for SMALL BUSINESS with a new self managed travel site.

09/01/2007 - HSAs And You
Research measuring SMALL BUSINESS owners' knowledge of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) has disclosed an information gap.

09/01/2007 - Diversify Finances
When a BUSINESS is in its first years of existence, it's very tempting for an entrepreneur to put every cent toward building the company, often at the expense of a personal financial portfolio.

09/01/2007 - Benefits of Vertical Search Engines
The Internet is a vast repository of information which can seduce busy wholesale buyers to spend hours searching for products and services for their BUSINESSes.

08/01/2007 - SMALL BUSINESS Expands
One third of U.S. SMALL BUSINESSes plan to expand during the next twelve months.

08/01/2007 - A Family Tradition Of Success
If you were to make a map of Robert Vayner's personal journey to becoming a successful BUSINESSman, it would be dotted with precious minerals.

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