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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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06/16/2016 - WholesaleCentral.com Debuts Interactive Trade Show Calendar
WholesaleCentral.com, the leading wholesale direcTOry web site on the Internet, announces the launch of a fully interactive wholesale trade show calendar.

04/01/2013 - Order Fulfillment
In a retail environment where cusTOmer loyalty is increasingly rare and cusTOmer expectations are higher than ever, merchants should be constantly searching for ways TO improve the way they do business. For a retailer or wholesaler who sells online, the struggle TO provide excellent value and an ideal cusTOmer experience without a physical presence can be difficult. The key TO a successful ecommerce channel ultimately hinges on one important area-the warehouse.

04/01/2013 - Keep Bugs at Bay
No one likes TO have their personal space invaded by mosquiTOs, gnats, flies and no-see-ums, and consumers are looking for ways TO safely protect themselves and their families from these annoying pests without the use of messy, and often TOxic, bug sprays. Retailers who incorporate Bandz and Spotz, DEET-free, citronella-infused insect repellent products from Mosquitno, LLC, inTO their product offerings, can help consumers keep bugs away as well as enjoy the profits these impulse BUYs bring TO their botTOm lines.

03/01/2013 - SEO: Make Your Website Work
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important, and elusive, elements of an ecommerce website. It is important because of the impact organic search traffic can have on ROI, and it is elusive because search engines are always changing the rules. Still, there are a few core SEO principles that Google and other search engines recommend which should play an integral part in your online strategy.

01/01/2013 - Transform Viewers inTO BUYers
Shoppable videos, those enhanced with attached or embedded links for direct-from-video purchase opportunities, is fast becoming popular with online sellers. This medium, the strength of which lies in telling sTOries, gets consumers excited by engaging multiple senses simultaneously, and turns this excitement inTO action by giving consumers the means TO make a purchase on the spot. Video viewers simply point, CLICK and BUY, and then return TO view their video.

01/01/2013 - Facebook Offers Viral Advertising
Pay-per-CLICK (PPC) advertising, using text ads and banners TO engage social media fans on Facebook, has been losing its luster in recent years. Advertising TO these fans may be great for building brand awareness, but it is not doing much for the immediate botTOm line. The low returns businesses see from PPC methods may be because people that typically use social media sites, like Facebook, do not necessarily want TO be sold TO directly.

11/01/2012 - Engage CusTOmers with Email
Chances are good that you have wondered about your communications strategy as an online wholesaler or retailer, and you may question whether you are communicating enough or TOo much. Think about how many times during the year, quarter or month a cusTOmer needs you, or your products or services, and let that be your guide TO how often TO reach out and TOuch your audience.

11/01/2012 - Six Design Tips TO Generate Sales
TO be successful, ecommerce businesses need TO build sites that are able TO sell products. Sounds simple enough, yet, TOo often sites are designed based on improper knowledge of cusTOmers' wants and needs. In some cases, companies even let technology drive design efforts, and that is one of the worst things that can happen.

10/01/2012 - The Spirit of St Louis Wholesale
St. Louis Wholesale's owner and founder, Craig PinkerTOn, has come a long way since his first wholesale purchase. Had he not taken an initial risk, St. Louis Wholesale would never have been created.

10/01/2012 - A Whole Lot of Love
While romance is in the air year round, there is one special day set aside that celebrates lovers. That day is Valentine's Day, and nothing is more popular for amorous gift giving than greeting cards and merchandise that say "Love." This year, wholesalers are offering retailers merchandise that is both traditional and trendy, giving cusTOmers the opportunity TO say the age-old "I love you" with a contemporary twist.

09/01/2012 - Shipping is Key TO Shopping Carts
UPS recently commissioned a study TO pinpoint key details regarding shipping and online purchases useful in preventing online shopping cart abandonment. With cart abandonment rates soaring around 70 percent, businesses with online sTOres can benefit from the information uncovered by comScore, Inc., the company commissioned TO perform the study.

08/01/2012 - Nine Tips for Mastering Google Remarketing
Nine Tips for Mastering Google Remarketing - If you are running any Pay Per CLICK (PPC) campaigns, and you should be, you cannot overlook what remarketing can do for your efforts

06/01/2012 - MoH Innovates Online
Andrew Kitzenberg of Memory on Hand proves there are also fascinating startup sTOries in more behind-the-scenes venues like wholesale.

05/01/2012 - Six Secrets of Successful eCommerce
Web companies need TO stay on TOp of the constantly evolving methods of advertising on the web.

04/01/2012 - Flipo Group - Twenty Years of Innovation
Many people start a wholesale business for extra cash, or TO try something new. For Jerry Phlippeau, it was a means for survival.

03/01/2012 - Analyzing Google Analytics
When selling merchandise online, it is not enough TO simply track sales.

01/01/2012 - Mother's Day Gifts
Every mother is different. Some moms love cute, sentimental gifts, while others prefer more practical items.

01/01/2012 - Personalized DVDs by Mediak
We live in an interactive society where children want TO be a part of the action, not just watching it.

12/01/2011 - Fragrant Smell of Success
Some products are always in demand, especially items used for setting a mood and holiday gift giving.

11/01/2011 - Best Approach for Online Sales
One of my primary jobs as an ecommerce consultant is TO help businesses increase conversion and website sales.

10/01/2011 - Google Universe: TOols TO Build Your Business
For any retailer seeking low cost TOols TO boost the botTOm line, the first place TO look is Google.

09/01/2011 - Optimizing Search Results for Ecommerce
For many ecommerce merchants, cusTOmer traffic arrives primarily through search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

09/01/2011 - Spring Trends Focus on Value
As the economy is still in a state of recovery, suppliers are working hard TO offer deals that will help sTOre owners survive.

09/01/2011 - Mountain View Movies Specializes In DVDs And Games
When Tiffany Wilkie and her husband launched their wholesale closeout DVD business six years ago, they didn't know that they had a blockbuster on their hands.

09/01/2011 - The Perfect Cart Experience
Ask any number of shoppers what elements would need TO be present TO create the perfect cart experience and likely there will be a variety of different answers.

07/01/2011 - Steal Deal Inc. Fully Optimized For Search Engines
Mix a successful wholesale clothing business with a savvy Internet strategy, and expect explosive growth.

06/01/2011 - Myths Surrounding PPC
It should come as no surprise that in order TO grow a business, you need TO market that business.

06/01/2011 - Five Ways TO STOp Cart Abandonment
TOo often, ecommerce transactions are spoiled by abandoned shopping carts.

05/01/2011 - Fashion Wholesaler Thrives With Great Prices And Variety
EMart Wholesale has a simple and solid philosophy that is serving the company well in these troubled economic times.

05/01/2011 - Killerbeads Offers Guaranteed Sales TO Ecommerce Jewelers
With an 18-year-hisTOry of selling jewelry and incense, Killerbeads has a nose for what ecommerce merchants need.

04/01/2011 - Dropship Business Pushed TO The Foreground
The Internet may have allowed a thousand ecommerce flowers TO bloom, but wholesale dropshippers are the fertile soil from which many of those merchants have sprouted.

03/01/2011 - Landing Pages Drive Conversion
Effective landing page design can drive ecommerce conversions, as every online retailer wants TO convert browsing consumers inTO paying cusTOmers.

03/01/2011 - Coping With Ecommerce Change
An ancient Greek philosopher said, "The only constant is change." That's especially true in this most changeable of fields, online retailing.

02/01/2011 - Five Reasons Why Shoppers Don't BUY
We know there are a number of facTOrs that come inTO play when a consumer makes a BUYing decision, and we study them from head TO TOe in order TO increase sales.

01/01/2011 - Moving TO Mobile Ecommerce
Converging trend lines show that the importance of mobile computing and smartphone shopping is beginning TO be seen on the retail front.

01/01/2011 - SEO Sweet Sixteen
There are a number of ways TO drive traffic TO a website. Typically, a mix of various methods and channels works best TO create a steady stream.

12/01/2010 - Online Fraud: Threat, Prevention, and Recovery
Anyone who BUYs or sells on the Internet may be vulnerable TO online fraud.

10/01/2010 - Landing Page Optimization
Many online entrepreneurs are content with letting their websites' home pages sell their goods for them.

10/01/2010 - Turning Web Shoppers inTO BUYers
Many online sTOre owners have the impression that all they have TO do is attract more traffic and sales rise.

09/11/2010 - Building Online Revenue with Affiliate Programs
"Do you want TO make more money?" queried a certain line of infomercials in the 1990s.

05/01/2010 - Successful Email Marketing
Many people hearing the term, "email marketing," think of spam cluttering up their inboxes from unwanted (and, unknown) companies, or occasional notes about upcoming sales or coupons that may or may not be relevant TO their lives and lifestyles.

05/01/2010 - Shopforbags.com Empowers Entrepreneurs
BUYing from Shopforbags.com is an excellent way for sTOre owners TO stay ahead of their competition, because the company carries sought-after, trendy items not found anywhere else.

04/01/2010 - Trendy Fashion Fun at Doki Geki
For sTOres that cater TO the junior market and rely on suppliers of hot, trendy, and cost effective items, DokiGeki.com is the place TO BUY.

03/01/2010 - Gift Dropship.com Offers Preloaded Sites
After a retailer, eBay sTOre, flea marketer or anyone else who sells product sets up an account at Gift Dropship.com, they can simply visit that website, order the product and have it shipped in their sTOre's name TO their cusTOmer

01/01/2010 - SerTOp Is On TOp
Adam TOpping, co-owner of Ser TOp, knows three reasons why his cusTOmers appreciate ordering cusTOmized sweatbands, silicone wristbands and patches from his company.

10/01/2009 - Unique Selection at Red Barn Ranch
There really is a red barn at Red Barn Ranch Wholesale. It was built in 1910 on what was then a walnut farm, and it is now the warehouse for their invenTOry of beautiful and diverse products.

10/01/2009 - Turn iPhone inTO POS Terminal
PHONETRANSACT.COM, an iPhone software developer, offers two retail related software programs that combine TO give retailers a handy, portable credit card and point of sale terminal.

10/01/2009 - Paid Search Boosts Sales
Paid search, often called sponsored search, in which website owners pay an advertising fee on search engines, is more likely than organic search TO bring in BUYers, according TO a recent study.

09/01/2009 - Success Begins at Home: Advice for Your Home & Product Pages
In a previous article I mentioned the three most important pages on an ecommerce site.

08/01/2009 - Making Emails Personal
If retailers' emails are TO be effective, they must be relevant TO each recipient and sent via their mobile phones and Facebook pages, said Mike Hilts, president and general manger of Yesmail, an email marketing service.

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