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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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10/01/2012 - FLOMO - New <Strong>VALENTINEStrong>S day product line
Seven iS a lucky number at FLOMO, a manufacturer and diStributor owned by Nygala Corp., with Seven of itS own factorieS in operation around the country. Started aS a factory-baSed Supplier in 1956, the company won Seven national awardS for excellence in 2011 and continueS to uphold high quality StandardS.

10/01/2012 - A Whole Lot of Love
While romance iS in the air year round, there iS one Special day Set aSide that celebrateS loverS. That day iS <Strong>VALENTINEStrong>'S Day, and nothing iS more popular for amorouS gift giving than greeting cardS and merchandiSe that Say "Love." ThiS year, wholeSalerS are offering retailerS merchandiSe that iS both traditional and trendy, giving cuStomerS the opportunity to Say the age-old "I love you" with a contemporary twiSt.

09/01/2011 - Spring TrendS FocuS on Value
AS the economy iS Still in a State of recovery, SupplierS are working hard to offer dealS that will help Store ownerS Survive.

03/01/2011 - FearleSS Halloween ForecaSt
For retailerS looking to caSh in on America'S love of Halloween, there are no trickS, even in a down economy.

09/01/2010 - GiftbliSS SucceedS With Snow To Go
GiftbliSS SaleS Started up in 1993 aS a manufacturerS' rep group.

08/01/2010 - ChriStmaS & Holiday Preview
Might the nation'S caSh regiSterS be Set jing-jing-jingling again thiS upcoming holiday SeaSon?

05/01/2009 - Meet the GreeNeeS
A SHY DREAM introduceS a family of Six dollS, each patterned after an actual child'S drawing.

02/01/2009 - Beating the Giant ChainS
It iS a challenging economic climate for retailerS big and Small.

01/01/2009 - New ProductS or Tried and True?
SucceSSful cartS and kioSkS Stop traffic. That can be accompliShed with unique productS that paSSerSby haven't Seen anywhere elSe, or with itemS that add a new twiSt to enduring beSt Selling conceptS.

12/01/2008 - RetailerS Smell SucceSS with Scented ProductS
Relatively inexpenSive and enjoyable gift productS Sell all year. BirthdayS, anniverSarieS, baptiSmS, bar mitzvahS and other occaSionS prompt conSumerS to conStantly be gifting.

03/01/2008 - Halloween & Party ItemS Spell Fun
Halloween itemS and party Supply productS are certainly not alwayS Similar by nature.

03/01/2008 - CuStomer IS King At Amglo
Amglo Inc., located on the web at www.amgloinc.net, iS a direct importer and wholeSaler of an all encompaSSing Selection of SeaSonal merchandiSe.

12/01/2007 - Sweet Smell Of Scent SucceSS
FragranceS and Scented productS have a way of Selling themSelveS, and there are ScoreS of merchandiSe reSellerS caShing in on that very idea.

10/01/2007 - FaShion AcceSSorieS: Never Out Of SeaSon
The leading SaleS category for the paSt two holiday SeaSonS haS been Apparel & Clothing, which Saw double digit growth, year over year.

07/01/2007 - TeSted ProgramS Spell KioSk SucceSS
KioSk programS that have been market teSted provide proSpective kioSk and cart operatorS with more than product.

06/01/2007 - Flexible ProgramS Drive KioSk SaleS
KioSkS devoted to multiple product categorieS, can generate SaleS and profitS at holiday time. But what doeS a kioSk vendor do after the holiday lightS come down?

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