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SOFTIPINZ Vaccinated for Covid Gift Products
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VAC1 Vaccinated for Covid Lapel Pin Pinback Brooch
1-1/4" Covid vaccine lapel pin made of high quality soft PVC rubber with metal butterfly clutch.
41.90 Box of 10
VAC2 Vaccinated for Covid Keychain Key Ring
Vaccinated for Covid keychain is 1-1/4" round made of high quality soft PVC rubber.
4.19 Box of 10
VAC3 Vaccinated for Covid Refrigerator Magnet
2" round Covid vaccine fridge magnet is made out of high quality soft rubber with strong magnet backing.
41.90 Box of 10
VAC4 Vaccinated for Covid Stickers
2" round Covid vaccine vinyl stickers in a set of 5 stickers packaged in clear poly bags or branded foil bags.
35.90 Box of 10 packs