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About Our Company
Alkazone Global Inc. is a pioneer company who has accentuated in the field of antioxidant alkaline water and mineral supplements for over 25 years. Founded in 1994 with a core mission to improve health through pH balance. We believe maintaining proper balance is essential to good health. We are the only Alkaline Co dedicated to supply all channels of the market including pet. Our goal is to not only supply the best products to market with our unique mineral compositions but to educate on why you should choose to live this way. The Company headquarters is in Hackensack, NJ

About Our Products
We believe like everything else in life, the goal is about getting the balance right. Our mission is improve health through proper pH. We believe by eliminating excess acidity you will achieve a healthy internal environment. Excess body acidity is prevalent today from the food we eat, stress and environmental toxins. Our formulas neutralize excess acid in the body, helping the body eliminate the acidic waste that contributes too many adult disease and illnesses. Restore pH balance with Alkazone.

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