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Energy Pre-Roll Energy Pre-Roll(AC/DC Strain)
The perfect pre-roll to be uplifted and full of energy! This pre-roll contains 16.50% CBD and is actaul CBD flower(AC/DC) and not access shreds. We do it right and we do it with quality!
CALL 3.50
  Focus Pre-Roll Focus Pre-Roll(Lifter Strain)
This pre-roll is perfect for mid day when you need to re-focus and get everything on your to do list done! Our focus pre-roll consists of 19.35% CBD and will have you zoned in like never before while being fully relaxed.
CALL 3.50
litpharma1 Hawaiian Haze 3.5G CBD Flower
This Premium Hawaain Haze Strain is Organically Grown and Sourced From California, USA. No Pesticides or Chemicals Contains 17.1% CBD Enriched Taste of Tropical Fruit Sativa Like Experience. Distribution: $6.50 | Wholesale$9.99-$11.99 | Retail: $20-$25
CALL 9.99
litpharma2 Sour Space Candy 3.5G CBD Flower
This Premium Top of the Shelf Strain Is Sourced From the USA No Pestisides or Chemicals Contains 16.67% CBD Up LIfting & Happy Feeling. Distribution: $6.50 | Wholesale$9.99-$11.99 | Retail: $20-$25
CALL 9.99
litpharma3 Elektra 3.5G CBD Flower
This Premium Top Quality Strain Is Sourced From New York, USA No Pesticides or Chemicals 18.96% CBD Sweat Citrus Flavor With A Hint of An Earthly Touch Great Night Time Strain For A Mellow/Relax. Distribution: $6.50 | Wholesale$9.99-$11.99 | Retail: $20-$25.
CALL 9.99
litpharma4 Free Display Case
Free display case for all retail locations.
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