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Gemstone Pendants :

  • Arrowheads

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    Spike Hematite 13pc Graduated Gemstone Fan Pendant Mini Collar Bead Set Hematite
    Graduated Spike Fan Pendant Hematite Smallest Bar is 10.8 mm largest bar is 28 mm Predrilled ready for stringing colors within the stone may vary
    2.00 Each
    Arrowhead Aventurie Arrowhead Aventurine Pendant
    Arrowhead Aventurine 44mm height x 19mm Width. Arrowhead - Direction in Life Genuine Gemstone Aventurine for good luck, and Prosperity.
    * 1.75 Each
    Arrowhead Snowflake Arrowhead Snowflake Obsidian
    Natural Snowflake Obsidian Individually Cut Arrowhead Dimensions: 18 x 43mm to 19 x 44m.
    * 1.75 Each
    Arrowhead Tiger Eye Arrowhead Tiger Eye
    Genuine Tiger Eye Indivually Cut Arrowhead Pendant. Dimensions 18 x 43mm to 19 x 44mm
    * 1.75 Each
    Arrowhead Turquoise Arrowhead Turquoise
    Howlite Blue Turquoise indivually Cut Dimensions: 18 X 43mm to 19 X 44mm
    * 1.75 Each

    5 items found: Page [ 1 ]

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