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Ameta Corp is your one stop shop for all your footwear needs!

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  Item # Description Price Unit
2928 2928
Women's 2" Wedge Platform Studded Strap Sandals
90.00 box of 36
Honey-50 Honey-50
Women's Knee High Boots
168.00 box of 12
Honey-51 Honey-51
Women's Mid Calf Boots
168.00 box of 12
Pamela-143 Pamela-143
Women's Rhinestone Thong Sandals
79.20 box of 48
Pamela-157 Pamela-157
Women's Wedge Platform Crystal Rhinestone Thong Sandals
47.50 box of 18
Pamela-162 Pamela-162
Women's Checkered Pattern Rhinestone Sandals
79.20 box of 48
Pamela-163 Pamela-163
Women's Reflective Strap Slip On Sandals
72.00 box of 48
Pamela-165 Pamela-165
Women's Daisy Floral Pattern Slip On Sandals
72.00 box of 48

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