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1003 Amigo Supremo One-Step Disinfectant
All-in-One: Cleaner - Fungicide - Mildewstat - Virucide - Deodorizer. For homes, restaurants, hospitals, institutional and industrial use Works with sprayers and disinfecting foggers
756.00 42x1 gallons
1001 DK 3-Ply Disposable Protective Masks
The DK Disposable Protective are FDA/CE certified general use masks. They are also BFE >95%, PFE>95% test approved. They are ideal for daily use thanks to its 3-layer protective materials with easy breathability.
* 20.00 box of 50
1002 DK KN95 Respirator Mask
KN95 masks are FDA/CE certified, with efficiency of 95% for 3.0 Microns Bacteria Filtration Efficiency standard(BFE). Quantity in boxes. 1 box has 10 pcs. 1 carton has 100 boxes.
* 27.00 Box of 10

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