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POEOBA30I. Poya Basil Essential Oil - 30 ml
✓ 100% Pure, Undiluted and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.
✓ Manufactured in Canada at an ISO, Kosher and Vegan certified facility; all products are animal cruelty-free.
✓ GC/MS Tested.

While fresh Basil is predominantly known for adding flavor to a variety of dishes, Basil Essential Oil is popular for addressing skin problems as well as being able to improve concentration, relieve anxiety and mental overload. Try diffusing or vaporizing our Basil Essential Oil in your home to remove stale odors from kitchens and bathrooms, purify the air, address acne prone skin which are caused by a buildup of bacteria and excess oil.

Blended with citrus oil, Basil Oil can be added to creams and lotions for an uplifting fragrance. For an herbal shampoo, add 25 drops of Basil oil to 4 oz. of product or mix 12 drops of Basil Essential Oil with 12 drops of Lavender Oil for a truly herbal experience! Apply 1 to 2 drops of Basil Oil along with Coconut Oil to acne affected areas daily. Putting 4 drops of Basil Oil in a 2 oz. spray bottle of distilled water with 8 drops of Pine Oil will give you an all-purpose air freshener.
1 to 9   $ 22.99 each
10 or more   $ 19.99 each